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Thursday, March 01, 2012

Hi there everyone!

New products on Sale, Coupon below, AND.....

I am SO excited I'm going to EXPLODE!  Building Color Confidence goes LIVE today at!

It has always been a lifetime wish for me to share my love and passion of art for real life and digital!  And even though I've been teaching Computer Aided Graphics for over 20 years, I wanted to go deeper into the REAL ART of it all....

Well, a few months back, THE Renee Pearson asked me to join her awesome team of teachers!  Took me an hour to pick up my dropped mouth from the floor and of course I said YES. lol  

I cannot express how thrilled I am to be working with the master artist herself to bring you the first steps in learning art for any kind of project you want to do.  

Color is always your basic beginnings but with this class I take you deeper into color understanding, looking at how light and shadows effect colors, exploring how tones and values are almost more important than colors.  
I will even go into the dark side of digitally creating artsy background papers, like these shown here below, the last week with bonus videos, along with a fun inspirational wall art project to remember what you have learned.

Watch the Welcome video as a sampling of what we will be learning in the class on the Samples Tab.

Make sure you check out the supplies list too.  I'm giving Commercial Use products exclusvie to this class created from scratch by me that I use all the time creating my digital art.  I even show you how I created a little bit of them in the bonus video.  

So when you're ready to "Get your Colors On" come join me in class.



Student Review of "Building Color Confidence"
by Sabrina Hoglen

 Color and design have always fascinated me but I have always been weary of exploring it for fear of failure, despite the fact that I have been told time and again that I have a "natural eye" for it.  Taking Cilenia's course has helped me realize why I am drawn to certain colors and deepened my understanding of how they work digitally and in real life!  

To be honest, recently I have been feeling that I was forever doomed to using other people's products to enhance my one of kind art.  I am now creating my own textures, backgrounds, and papers to use in my photography and digital scrapbooking!  Who knew?  My creativity is now at an all time high and I am addicted to creating, so be warned once you take this class all you want to do is play!

New Products on Sale through Sunday
And I have an EXTRA 10% off coupon for you too good on ALL my products at Dgitials!
Coupon Code: FYA-MAR01  
Expires April 1st. One time use only.


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  1. Angie Young said...:

    I am soooooo happy for you Cilenia! You are such a talented artist, and you are going to keep soaring higher and higher!

  1. grambie said...:

    You are the greatest and this is so deserved. I am so dedicated to you although I don't have or use PS.

    Just a PSE8 user who waits for the new PSE11 edition so that I can at least stretch my horizons through your teachings. I have purchased a couple of your kits with the brushes. HUGS!!

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