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Thursday, June 09, 2011
It's no secret I love everything old and vintage.  Just very difficult to find out west here in Nevada.  They think old is 20 years LOL  So I tend to treasure what I did bring with me.
I used to collect old window frames abandoned in barns and garages and come up with ideas to give new life.  I usually made into some kind of wall art like the one in my dinning room here.

This was so easy to make!  Old frame painted and sanded for worn look.  
Dried herbs from the garden flattened in an old phone book laid on the glass.
Take a tissue paper or home made paper and lay over herbs.
Paint a thick mixture of egg whites using a foam brush over the paper and make sure to get into the corners.  Let dry!  That's it.  This one is over 12 years old.  The herbs have lost their colors of green but it's still a remembrance of my huge herb gardens back east.  

I now have a new idea for old window frames I found today on Johanna-Vintage!  
An inspiration Board!  What an awesome idea!
I know, I know, no old windows out here… But, that won't stop me from taking wood molding and grudging it up to look old and making this Inspiration Board. ;) I could frame in my foam board I have on the wall right now.  Add my vintage blue canning jars and old metal cans to hold my art supplies and I'd have a nice little corner of inspiration. :D  Oh Bailey?!?  Want to do a new project with Nana?  You get to beat up some wood with a hammer and chains and even paint messy! LOL

Till my next craft project idea,


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