Chat LIVE with me tonight about my Colors Class

Wednesday, September 12, 2012
Hey there everyone!
Today is the day to come and chat live with me about my upcoming Building Colors Confidence class at on ReneeTV!  You can ask me questions about the class, get a little overview of what I will cover in the class, or just come to chat with me live and in person. :)


This class teaches you how to start any art project by choosing your colors correctly.  But, I don't stop there, I also show you how to USE those colors with little clips into my process with the 2 bonus videos (PSE and CS) and also my entire process from scratch how I create a soft artsy background paper.  This class is a must for anyone who want to become or even already is a Digital Designer too!  

So no matter if you are a real life artist and want to produce these kinds of colors

Or you are a digital artist and want to produce this

This class will help you get there!  It's the first in a series of classes I am teaching that starts you from SCRATCH for on your way to becoming a digital artist and designer.  I don't teach how to use CU, or how to use someone else's color theme cards, I teach you how to develop and create your OWN!


Here is a small sped up clip from one of the bonus videos your receive in the class where I show how I created an artsy page, from scratch, with only a flower sketch and a photo of my tile floor.  
Start to finish, I show it all!

And if you want to see some more of my artsy style, I did an Evolution of a Page video at my Scrap Art Studio site's blog yesterday for Technique Tuesday showing my entire thought process on creating an artsy layout page.  This is in the raw, so be prepared. :)  No editing, saying all my thoughts, showing my entire process. :) 

And speaking of colors
Color Play 2 has been released in the SAS shop today! 
I LOVED working with these colors.  I created the color scheme from left over fabrics and silks!
From this

To produce this

All my Color Play 2 Kits are on sale right now through Sunday
Buy the Bundle or buy only the Mini Kits you like, and even a couple templates and quick pages.  
I even have the Solids (free with any purchase over $1 code is on the product page) and a Mini Sampler kit I gave away in our Newsletter today! 

See all the awesome Color Play 2 kits from ALL the SAS Designers.


  1. Lelia Pierce said...:

    Phew...that video scares and excites me all at the same time! Can't wait!


  1. Anonymous said...:
    This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
  1. Cilenia Curtis said...:

    YEs it was silent… just a sped up of the instructional bonus video I show in class. :)

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