Weekend Playtime with inks

Monday, February 13, 2012
So I have officially designated Sunday mornings to PLAYTIME in the Studio!  This is when I will play in the art studio just for me!  Currently I am working on a canvas filled with black and deep red poppies... will post when done... but OBVIOUSLY I was severely lacking art playtime this past week with all the busyness and found myself watching my recordings of The Voice last night and my "Go To" Box yelling at me how neglected it was feeling this week.  Yes, that little bugger jumped right up on the coffee table and scolded my butt! LOL 

SO... Since I am heavily influenced by Christina Aguilera and her Burlesque CD (LOVE that movie and her with Cher and all the music...  so upbeat and gets me pumping when I power walk but I just adore her and her attitude along with Cher!)  I know…totally different worlds there especially coming from an 80's big hair band and southern rock lover, but still the same somehow.  ok, so I'm eclectic! lol

 I digress…  

ANYWAYS....  I wanted to do something a little edgy for a change instead of my usual softly colored botanicals I've been doing lately… guess that's why the black and red poppies are coming out in the studio too! lol   So I grabbed my watercolor pad, my ink pen and sharpie marker and went to town!  Then I used my Inktense blocks and watercolored it. :)  Can you also tell I REALLY wanted to take a ride past few days with the temps in the 70s! LOL
So what do I call it?  Ready to Ride! of course! lol  Expresses my deep desire to go for a ride lately and tired of waiting to find the time to do so!  Where are the boys when you need them to drag your butt away from work and out into the sunshine for a bit?!

Nothing spectacular... just playin!


  1. Angie Young said...:

    Nothing spectacular? Um... I disagree completely! This is AWESOME! Spectacular! I love it! I'm glad you were able to take some time to play...time for just you!

  1. Lynne said...:

    WOW, love this!!! Amazing how many forms of art you have perfected!! You need to play more often! This is eye candy!

  1. judyinSD said...:

    Wonderful image and would look spectacular surrounded on a page by the Study in Yellow and Gray.

  1. senovia said...:

    Very cool! She's wonderful!

  1. ValeriGail said...:

    I bet it felt really good to just draw like that, fast and furious like you want to ride. I can visualize it right now sitting here. The picture shows it too, the passion and desire. Comes across as if she's ready to go, yet something is holding her back.. Love it

  1. ValeriGail said...:
    This comment has been removed by the author.
  1. Vicky said...:

    WOW! This is terrific, Cilenia! LOVE it! One thing I never could get right was drawing the human body.....especially the face! You go, girl! :D

  1. Cilenia Curtis said...:

    Thanks everyone! Yea, did the art just like I wanted to ride! Fast and Furious! LOL Start to finish in under an hour but felt oh so good!

  1. Awesome work, Cilenia! I would love to see something you have done when you aren't just playin'!

  1. Cilenia Curtis said...:

    LOL It's ALL play Sharon! But I'm sure you will soon now that I'm coming out of the closet with my art. :)

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