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Friday, March 02, 2012
Hi y'all, Sherry here!  I know I said I would be here every Thursday with a Photoshop tip, but I didn't make it yesterday so, today it's Friday!  Next week will likely be Thursday again, unless it's not.  Are you confused yet?  Tell you what, check every day because Cilenia has something wonderful here almost every day!

Today I'm going to share a tip I wish I had known about a LONG time ago.  When I have a document with a number of layers, I'm frequently changing the order of the layers for one reason or another.  I always thought the only way you could change the order of layers was to drag the layer to the position in the layers panel where you wanted it.  But no, there's a more precise way!  You can highlight the layer you wish to move, then press Ctrl-] on the PC or Cmd-] (right bracket) on the Mac to move the layer up one position.  And as you would expect, Ctrl-[ or Cmd-[ (left bracket) moves the layer down one position.  Repeat as needed until you have your layer right where you want it.  Cool huh?

See you next Thursday!


  1. Lynne aka Aria said...:

    I love your tips, love your art, love your style!

  1. Cilenia Curtis said...:

    Great tip Sherry! Thanks for sharing!

  1. Franghurst said...:

    Great tip. I think I knew about this but forgot all about it.

  1. Geri said...:

    Great tip.

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