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Thursday, September 08, 2011
A little digi, a little inking, got a bunch of new products in the shop and I'm one happy camper today! Ahhh accomplishment!  What a great feeling. lol

So first here's how my morning went.  Had a bit of a let down yesterday and was still feeling blue this morning, but I was determined to pick up my petticoat and give myself some words of wisdom for the day to remember.  What you don't realize is I wrote all the negative journaling into the background and you can barely see the color of it through this… that's why they call art journaling therapeutic! :D Wirte it all out… then cover it up and put it away!
Credits: Beautiful Mess 4 - Mixed Media Kit Elements; Anna Aspnes - Art Paper Bkgrnd, Angie's Journal It - Exploration - Kit scallop elements and Angie's Altered Tags - Set 11 Dina Wakley Sihouette stamp.

One of my CTMs, Valerie, is just starting to get into Art Journaling, (yes, I corrupted another one lol), 
 anyways, she asked how I build my pages and wanted to see one from beginning to end… I responded to her…

"Hmmm down and dirty quick version?  
Start with an artsy background like I did, (or make one like we will in the class).
Place overlays, artsy mats, title work, play with positions... add journaling as it comes to you... play some more with placements and color for balance... will learn some more about that too in the classes.... change it all over... put it away... take out play some more... LOL  Get the picture? ROFL

Seriously... in real life and digital, I usually create sets of backgrounds as my mood strikes.  I have been known to create huge sheets of background canvas and cut up for a journal too.  I usually journal first most of the time because that's what drives me to Art Journal.  50% of the time I cover up negative journaling so it can just barely be made out it's there... bet you don't see it on this one, but it's there behind the final journaling in color... looks like splotches of color on the background.  Journaling is therapeutic and healing, get it out... fade it out... put it away and think positive. :)
Then I usually add my elements, paint some more... and play with it.   I do put it down eventually as you saw this morning. lol  :)

If you are just starting out... play fast and furious!  Who cares if it doesn't come out exactly the way you thought... it's for you!  And you don't have to always do journaling... lots of mine are just words or titles that are from my thoughts.  I'm in it for the play.  :D"

On to my next "do something for yourself today" affirmation. :D
Next I played on my art quilt and got it all ready for sewing a little wild.  That's my project for tonight… after dinner, after homework with kids and after giving Miss Bailey her bath. :) Or maybe 3am would be better. lol  Just something fun to do that I doodle sketched by the pool a few weeks back.
So her she is, all ready to sew.  This in on muslin and I use the Inktense blocks to paint and doddle everything with my Pilot Permaball Pen. Will have a nice home above my desk.  

And I got a TON uploaded and on Sale now through Saturday in the shop today too. 
Here's a few beautiful LOs from my team members Lynne, Lisa, Nicky & Beth! Wonderful job girls!
The items they used are all below. 

Also sold in 2 page sets
The bonus with these over the MultiPhoto Set is there is a top layer of a wet film plate overlay that you can adjust opacity or blending on to give your page a special and unique look and also a bottom artsy overlay layer you can also adjust your opacity and blending mode on to give your background paper an artsy and unique look.

And the coordinating Kit


  1. farabee said...:

    Look at that beautiful hot pink/fuschia! wooohoooo

  1. LisaTaz said...:

    Wow, Cilenia, that quilt is gorgeous! Love to see you share your art journaling, I just love that page, too. What a great idea to write it all out and then cover it up. I'll have to try that in my physical art journal.

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