Art Journaling for the Muse to return

Wednesday, September 14, 2011
So what does a girl do when she is working on a new digi scrap kit, a new Art Class, and has to also create a new challenge for the forums and hits this brick wall roadblock because her muse took a hike down the street for the day?
CREATE of course!

I had the backgrounds half created already… but have only half the kit done for a new Beautiful Mess kit I've been working on.  I've been wanting to create a poster for my Studio with all the dark rich colors I love but bring into it some light and have some inspirational affirmation words to look upon.

So that is what I do when my muse has left me… I go within… deep into the soul.  The black writing in the background is my negative words for the day… "why can't i focus"    I've taken these words and blended into my background… they are there, but put away.  Then I got to work on my positive words and get creative with writing and fonts and a little typography.

The end result?  My Muse came back home!  Yeah!  Hopefully now I can complete my work with her happily singing in my ear. lol
Off to send this to my printer so I can frame it and hang on my wall above where I sit. :) I just bought a bunch of thin black 16x20 frames at Michaels at 40% off that are just dying to be filled and hung.

What a beautiful journey I had today awakening the soul.  Thank you my muse! Now let's play!


  1. ValeriGail said...:

    I've been art journaling my thoughts too. I've been super swamped with getting ready for trade days again, and its not a great time to have a creative block... but there it is. Its been following me all month, actually. So for the last two weeks I've been taking breaks to just jot things down and art journal or paint play when i feel overwhelmed. Its amazing the difference I feel afterwards. I hadn't thought about tucking the negative thoughts under, until your post and did so the other day.. Great idea! I did a page so very personal, and it was like unleashing some sort of block. I've been able to focus since. :) I thought about emailing ya this, but figured it might help push someone else to give it a try!

  1. LisaTaz said...:

    Awesome, Cilenia! Love that piece, and what a great idea to create it and print as a poster. I may have to let that idea percolate and create something for my creative space. So glad the muse returned because I love the stuff you've been working on!

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