Technique Thursday - Creating striped paper

Thursday, September 30, 2010
Hi again!  Cilenia here with another Tech Thursday tip!
Today we are going to make a pattern to create our own striped paper!  

  • Open a new canvas 2" high x 5" wide and 300ppi
  • Load your colors into your swatch if you haven't already or have some decided on at least
  • Choose your shape tool (U) and make sure it's selected to "rectangle".

  • Make a rectangle with one of your colors 
  • keep doing this changing your colors as you go.
Here's an example. 

This is how your layers palette will look when you have them all. 
  • Once you're done with making all your rectangles, crop the image so nothing is over the canvas.

Now to make the pattern -
  •  From your menu, choose EDIT>DEFINE PATTERN
  • Open a new canvas 12x12 300ppi
  • From the menu again:  EDIT>FILL   And choose the pattern at the bottom you just made. Click ok.

Now you have your pattern filling your canvas.  If you want, you can rotate it in different directions too.
Now all that is left to do is put a texture on it. And you're done.
Here's mine.

Want to know how to create real life looking texture not just an overlay of textures?  Check out our tutorial Designing with Textures in the shop.  I guarantee you'll never make or use flat looking digi paper again. :) 

Till next time, Cilenia


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