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Monday, October 04, 2010
How are we doing everyone?  I see pages going up in the gallery and I'm in awe of all the variety I see!

So this week we are on D and E!  
Miss Kara is a little behind on her teen book, as she had end of quarter testing… but good news is she got an A in Biology!  Whoo Hoo Kara!  She is really into Astronomy and wants to do something with this as a career when she grows up and I told her how important science classes were and lo and behold, C went to an A in one quarter. LOL  Hopefully she will catch up this weekend on her scrapping.

So here's some ideas for your D and E pages.

Delight - An experience of great pleasure.  I bet we can all find something in our daily lives that this fits.  One of mine is my craft time with my grand-daughter.  I did this yesterday and we made bats and mice and spiders.
Here's a few pics.  Can't wait to do a scrap page using these and the rest of them.

Dog - Ok, so I got a new dog this week and this just went on my list. :) But our pets are an important part of our lives and families so this made perfect sense. Besides, Miss Bailey insisted!

It seems our newly adopted family member Miss Gracie is fascinated with not only Miss Bailey's Nemo fish tank, but also with our pool!

Other D word ideas:
Dream - Children or pets sleeping and what might they be dreaming of.
Dabble - Do you "dabble in the arts" or cooking?
Dad, Dada, Daily, little Darlings, Dialog (could be a dialog between you and a child, an unborn child or even your spouse.)

Excellence - The quality of being outstanding or extremely good.  Do you think I have a topic for this one? LOL  Scrap and journal about someone's excellent performance, or a goal they finally reached.  

Everything - how about quotes using the word and creating a word art using your letter.  You are my Everything!   Or maybe a playful twist on this… "You have this purse that has Everything but the kitchen sink in it."

Other E words:  How about E-Book, or E-mail?  Ear Candy - Scrap about a favorite song and what it means to you.  Education - Are you taking classes to further your education or want to? Or maybe your child's education and how they are doing (hmmm could be combined with Excellent!)

So see, don't be boxed in by the normal ABC words… think out of your box, look in a dictionary for inspirational words.
And for today's post I have a little freebie for you to add to your ABC Series collection! YEAH!

I made three cluster frames in a blue, pink and neutral and you can find them here in the shop.  And for all of you reading this post, if you use the coupon code   ABCframes   it's FREE!

Now let's see those pages! I know I want to finish mine in time for Christmas… and I want to be done before Dec so I can focus on my December Daily album. (hint hint). :)


  1. senovia said...:

    Those are awesome frames, Cilenia! Congrats on having some crafting time with Bailey! Those bats are SOOOO cool! I'll bet my younger son will love to make some! We did some a few years ago, but I love the upside down one!
    Congrats Kara on the A! Biology is one of my favorite subjects!

  1. Michelle said...:

    Those bats are tooooooo adorable! I never thought I would say bats are adorable, but those ones really are. Thanks for sharing the coupon code!

  1. Cilenia said...:

    Yea, we love our bats too! LOL And watch for a kit for these. I'm scanning in some of what we made to be released this week so everyone can decorate their homes for Hallow's Eve.

    Ours is very special as Halloween is Miss Bailey's Birthday! WAIT till you see the "Bat Cave" we are creating at her house for her party! LOL Amazing what a roll of black and white craft paper and some cheesecloth can do! :)

  1. Gail said...:

    Love your ideas for D & E. And what a lucky girl Miss Bailey is to have such a fun birthday. It's DH and my wedding anniversary, he never forgets! Thanks for the fun frames.

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