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Monday, September 27, 2010
Hi again everyone! This is Marcie filling in for Cilenia today. I hope you had an opportunity to shop and pick up some cool stuff during the quarterly sale. I know I am enjoying see all the  products from the new designers as well as new items from both Cilenia and Honey Scraps. 

So how’s your ABC book going? My "A" page is still in progress because I'm using the word "aunt" and I never realized how many I had until I started this! So, for today let's move on and talk about some descriptive words for the letter C.

Here is my Cousins layout for the letter C. Would you believe this isn't even all my first cousins on my dad's side of the family? LOL

Cherish - To protect and care for something or someone dearly.  
You could scrap about a treasured family heirloom or a child’s teddy bear.  Maybe it’s an old love letter? Could be about a person who you cherish lovingly.  You can scrap about a cherished memory too.
Courageous - To be brave, to not be deterred by danger or pain.  Hmmm this describes most two year olds also I think. LOL  But seriously, we are all courageous at one time or another not being deterred by our fears or at least not giving in to them.  Think about maybe something someone did that was courageous even in small ways... like going to that first day of school in a new school and facing the unknown.  Or leaving the comfort of a job or home to venture out to a new job or even on your own! Eeek!  
Comfort- State of physical ease and well-being. 
Words of comfort or consolation for grief or anxiety, reassurance. 
Comfort food, your comfort zone, comforts of home or the comfort of a loved one you know is always there for you.  ease, relaxation, repose, serenity, tranquility, contentment, coziness; luxury, opulence, prosperity; bed of roses.
Craft - As a noun it refers to have skill, an ability to create or play with plenty of craft.  Competence (hey another C word!), To craft with art or talent, flair, expertise.   Then there’s a craft as an activity, occupation, profession, line of work.  And let’s not forget that this also refers to a boat or vessel or sailing craft. 

Creative -  The state or quality of being creative. The ability think outside the box. The process of using your creative abilities. 
Here are some more "C" words to get your creative juices flowing. 
Creative, Camping, Candy, Capable, Captivated, Celebrate, Change, Challenge, Chaos (there’s mine!), Charm(s), Chat, Cheer or Cheerful, Cheesy, Cherry, Chief, Childbirth, Chill, Chores, Chose, and Chorus.

Here is a link to Cilenia's ongoing list. Join the fun and post your words too! 

Happy Scrapping,


  1. Jody said...:

    I am way behind! I purchased Cilenia's kit hoping it would make life easier but I am still slow. I was wondering if there was any chance on getting the Alpha with where the parts are separated? I don't always want to use the background that is behind the main letter. Do you know what the main alpha is?

    Also, what is the alpha you used for Cousins?

  1. Cilenia said...:

    Hi Jody!
    The Alpha on the monograms was hand drawn by me, there is no font for it. You could easily use your magic wand on the black and copy to a new layer though and then you would have it separated.

    I will ask Marcie what font she used and have her respond here for you. Looks familiar, but don't want to guess. :)

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