Photoshop HUGE time saver tip

Wednesday, October 21, 2009
ok... maybe I'm slow... maybe I've overlooked it somewhere, but I just discovered something really kewl in photoshop this morning while scrapping that I never knew so I wanted to share.

Ever have a billion layers going on and have a hard time finding out which layer to click on for that one paper or photo in your page or template?  WELL!  With the move tool selected, if you hover your mouse cursor over the area you want... right click your mouse... up pops this little menu with all the layers under your mouse and you can click on the one you want.  Does yep of course if you layers were named logical like "background paper", "Photo 3", "ribbon" etc. 
I found this morning that this saved me TONS of time rather than going through my layer list and clicking on different items to find the layer I was looking for. :)

Sorry... this doesn't work in PSE... I checked. :(


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