Coming Together... and didn't have to get out the duct tape!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009
So we decided to take the kids and grand-kids to the pumpkin patch and get some pumpkins... took two hours of coordinating and two cars to carry us all... but I didn't have to get out the duct tape to make them all go. LOL
So off to pumpkin hunt for Samhain or Hallows Eve as most know the holiday.  And, of course they had rides... and of course who can say no to a bunch of excited kids?!?! Not I said the little red headed hen!

So it started out with Bailey suckering Kara onto the spinning ride... every pic came out blurry as I was trying to play with the settings on my Cannon Camera my son Casey bought me for Christmas... haven't taken it off the auto settings at all. Then I took this class at DSE (read previous post of lessons from a point and shoot camera operator LOL).   Started out with Kara thinking she was gonna get Bailey and started spinning and spinning the chair... HA, Bailey LOVED IT!  And when Kara started making these green, I'm about to hurl all over you faces, Bailey just went faster and faster.  Was truly a sight!  This should give you an idea! :)

Poor Charley (Craig's grand-son), didn't know what to make out of those girls... he didn't want any part of riding a ride with Bailey now! Can you blame him?!?!  So Bailey did the jumping house thing and then after Kara gained some composure, she went on the big boat swing... again, Kara was not liking the stomach in your throat feeling... go figure, cause when Kara was younger she loved anything that spun or swung!

Then they spotted it!!!  Bailey and Kara saw the bungee rubber band ride.  At first I was a little concerned... I mean Bailey is all of 30 pounds WET!  But the guy said the harness would go small enough and no worries.  They would only do what she was comfortable doing.  Little did we know... So the girls got strapped in side by side and with a quick look at each other they were off seeing who could reach the highest.  At first the attendant only rode Bailey up to give her an idea of the height... that child had no fear!  So then he bounced her a little... and with SHEAR excitement, she yelled HIGHER HIGHER!  THEN.. OMG... he pulled her down and SLUNG her like a rocket!!!  I have never heard a child laugh so historically!   Now the girls were souring and seeing who could reach the highest.  Bailey won!  She went up and over the top of the polls and was trying to do somersaults on the thing.  BOING!  Up she went and soured like an eagle down.  This kid was totally hooked!  Not sure who had more fun... the attendant or Bailey?!?  He was laughing as hard as her and I think after a bunch of reluctant kids he was happy to see someone having so much fun.  I think the line tripled during her turn as every kid wanted to go now.  I think we should have gotten a discount for doing such a wonderful job marketing for them. LOL

The good news was that now Charley wanted in on the fun after watching them and laughing.  Next was the big blown up slide.  Bailey, as expected climbed up the rungs like a pro and couldn't get her little feet to move fast enough and down she went as quick as she went up.  Poor Charley was still at the bottom with Craig trying to coach him on how to climb the thing.  Bailey stopped at the side, gave him a cheer, told him it was AWESOME and then barked something at Craig to help him. LOL  So Craig got to go too!  He climbed up with Charley hanging onto him for dear life and then had to practically drag him down the slide... BUT when Charley got to the bottom, he was ALL smiles!  The ice had been broken!

Was a great day (and we may go back again this weekend).  NOW that I know how to set the settings in my camera LOL.  Got that ISO thingie down a little better this time. :)

Here's some scrap pages I did of the day.



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