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Monday, September 28, 2009
Took a photo tips class at DSE with the AWESOME Candice Stringham!
    So this inspired me to take my really great Cannon camera my son bought me and take it OFF the auto settings and start playing with the settings for all these really kewl effects I was seeing.
Ok.. we are sitting indoors in incandescent lighting... look up settings in my little cheat sheet, set the camera, and POOF  I now have totally yellow pictures!  LOL      ok, let's adjust this and that... POOF  totally dark pictures... ok, again, change some settings and POOF... now I have TOTALLY dark and blurry... GRRRR  Needless to say, I was NOT getting this!
  I'm usually proud of my being able and adeptness to learning new things... and I am very technologically inclined... but this was REALLY frustrating me!    I was missing all these great photos at DSE of my mentors and people I idolize, and borderline stalk, on a daily basis online!  Anna, Jessica, Tiffany, and Candice herself!   So rushing now to get settings back... I can't even make it go back to auto!!!  What did I do?!?!
  So lesson learned;  Don't EVER EVER EVER try and learn something new when it's important to be able to do it right now!  So I will practice all these new found NOT auto settings camera shots on my fairies sitting on my desk later today... when it's not important... when they don't move away... and I have all the time in the world! :)   And now I have my manual... which I'm sure will help translate all the FStop this and aperture thats to MY camera!
Thaks Candice for inspiring me!!!!  But next time, can you give a little warning tag with the class and say "If you've never taken your camera off auto... don't do this when it's important to catch the shot." ?  Kinda like the McDonald's coffee warning... IT'S HOT!  DUH!  ;)



  1. scrappysue said...:

    Cilenia, oh my gosh I know just what you mean! I took one of Candice's classes, and felt reasonably confident on manual. And many times my shots were bad when they were once only opportunities. I think I have finally learned my lesson! Good luck with the practicing! Sue

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