Ear Candy

Sunday, September 06, 2009
And some wonder what I do when I am not scrapping, designing or riding my motorcycle...(well, to be honest, I do do this while riding or skiing .  ;)  So here's just a little piece of my equally passionate obsession... MUSIC!   I am NEVER without it!  Kinda like my huge glass of water ;)

Old original Genesis was my first and foremost favorite music group... when Peter Gabriel left I was devastated... but gotta say, Phil did win me over eventually.  His drumming was AWESOME and got right up there with Keith Moon in my book!   But  it was secretly Tony Banks that was my idol as the keyboardist for them and no one could every top Peter's voice in my book.... except for this guy I dated for a bit in my early twenties who could mimic him perfectly, and we would stay up all night at the piano and boards with a good bottle of wine and create beautiful music together.  Who knows... one day I might hear one of those songs we wrote on the radio now that he is famous ;)   and you can be sure I will have free tickets to the concert! LOL  For now, I will have to live with only my music scores I have in a box and a really bad recorded cassette tape of us together. :)
So here's a little ear candy for today my sweets of one of my favorite songs by Phil.  And yes still today, I wave my arms around in the air when the drums join in like I'm playing them.  LOL   Enjoy!



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