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Friday, September 04, 2009
A little education about my printing experience.

I'm really surprised how many people just take a company's word that they offer the best product and don't learn more to make educated decisions... just shows me I need to do a real comparison of printing for people.
I have been Scrapbooking for over 14 years and started playing with digi (key word here is "playing"), about the same time... (Read my story here).  I have always in search of a better product for my money and one that would last generations not just a few years. It used to be, I had to order prints, paper scrap and put into bulky binders (remember that one that my grand-daughter got a hold of and tore up all the pages), and the book was gone! And that book cost me almost $300 to assemble!  There was no way to replace that book... I would have to remake it. I had by then moved into digital scrapping and made the decision to redo the entire book in digital form.  Worst part was that the pictures were not digital, I didn't have 2nd copies of all and was stuck with scanning and repairing the photos too.

But I still had the problem of not wanting a glued book as the first ones I ordered from DotPhoto and Shutterfly were and the binding was falling apart in a year or so and neither one would replace it unless I fully purchased a new one. They had no kind of guarantee for the craftsmanship of their product. Needless to say I was not only disappointed, I was mad! Their claim to have archival quality was just a line, and they would not back it up. The paper and photos were close, but certainly not the book....

Want to read more???? Of course you do! See my page here where I compare materials and pricing.


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