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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

So I have spent the entire day with all my skills I could muster up to work on an album I am doing for a friend for his mom. it's of his 27 year old brother who died suddenly last year from a brain aneurysm. My friend snuck me the box of photos he could find but time and light had played real hard on these. These pictures were so bad to start that you could barely seem him in them. I felt so bad for his mama that i just had to put everything i had into trying to refurbish these and bring them back to life for her. I couldn't get the color back true, so I had to turn them into sepia to get the contrast legible. I hope she loves this book and brings her joy. i have 8 pages done now... only 20 some to go. Have to get it done and published and delivered by mother's day. so, back to work for me :) But it's sooo worth it... i could not imagine loosing a child... and at such a young age. My heart bleeds for her and his widow. (next book).

OH And i left the one journaling tag empty on purpose... I'm giving her a photo pen with the book so she can write her own journaling. We don't know the stories and can't ask as we would ruin the surprise so I came up with this idea. Good?

And here is one for his true essence... WIRED ;) He was a total geek... but a well loved geek! His computer he built from scratch... and I mean SCRATCH, was his pride and joy.


  1. Helen Mills said...:

    OMG what a wonderful book this is going to be - how can she NOT love this!

  1. Cilenia said...:

    Thanks Helen! Needed that little boost.
    Been difficult doing this one as it's so hard reading his wife's blog trying to get information without giving it away. It will be a year and she still writes to him on the internet space thinking he sees it somehow. It has brought tears to my eyes reading some of them. I know in my heart though this will be so worth it when they get them.

  1. Thauna said...:

    What a wonderful gift! I'm sure it will be cherished!!! I think the pages you posted are beautiful.

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