Thursday, April 23, 2009
Back home from visiting family back east. I am sooo tired! Between the jet lag, the time change and running between planes yesterday I am exhausted. But it was great to see my family again with DH and kids waiting for me at the airport (AND coming home to my own bed!!!) :D

I'm sure I will be posting pictures and writing about my little adventures visiting back east (including the HAUNTED tavern!)
For now, I just want to play catch up with laundry and cleaning, enjoy the DRY desert and let my bones dry out so I don't hurt so much. Seems every time I get home sick for back east, the green, the gardening and family, I take a trip and then the cold and rain and wet hits me like a mack truck and I remember why I love living in the desert with my arthritis. It's an amazing difference! Almost instant. Still have some pain, but refraining from taking the medications... would rather swoop up some peppermint and take a nice long hot bath with the water jets pounding on my back and neck. I hate modern medications... hence the herbalist in me... and I brought back some wonderful herbs that I just can't buy out west and I need for my medicinal garden. I imagine that Bailey and I will be planting our little hearts out after lunch today. SHHHH I also brought her and Kara some new seeds for her little garden and a few cute as a button little pots to plant in for their bedrooms. Also brought them new 2009 scrapbooks and journals that I found while out with mama. I know they will love them!

More later... time to get things back in order here and take that much needed bath later. :)


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