Tuesday, May 05, 2009
Check out this quilt! This is all quilted by a sweet gentleman of about 80 years old named Doyle Johnson. All designed by him and freehanded! Machine quilted of course, but DANG! I saw this in Boulder City, NV when a good friend and I went to see all the quilts at the Spring Jamboree.

Posting some close ups of this too. The pictures just don't do it justice. He even has little words hidden here and there in it like "Love" and "Life". Just stood there in AWE! Just had to share.

Doesn't this just look awsome?!? I'm impressed with not only the quilting, but the total design. All designed and drawn by himself.

If you happen to be in Boulder City, be sure to visit the little quilt shop called Fiddlesticks and go to the back of the shop to see this. And if you're a quilter, you won't want to miss Merry's little shop. All kinds of vintage fabrics and the sweetest staff. No matter what kind of project I am working on, they are always there to take the time to help. Had a design one day and Merry actually spent 2 hours with me helping me figure out the fabrics and yardages. :) She's the best! You can find them on the web too to get a peek, but the pictures just don't show just how cute this shop is. http://fiddlesticksquilts.com/
It's my FAVORITE quilt shop! And I've been to a LOT of them! :)

I will post a few more of the awesome quilts we saw later. Trying to get some names of the quilters. I sadly did not have mine done in time for the contest and show :( Next year!


  1. suejtaylor said...:

    Oh my gosh, that is incredible. What talent! I can barely sew a straight line on a piece of card! Sue

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