Bailey's July Page for her Album

Thursday, October 22, 2009
Finally got this layout done and thought I'd share... think I will start sharing more often than I have been... never thought to post pages here, but DUH, I find inspiration from others blog's and galleries and someone told me yesterday they find inspiration in mine.  Awwww... made me feel SO good! :)

This page is for Bailey's album.  Bailey is my 4 year grand-daughter who's birthday is Halloween!  So yea... was time to finish up her yearly album and now just have three more pages to get done before her birthday.  "You CAN do it!"  is the little voice in my head LOL.

Also... came up this morning from a friend that she just can't even think about putting a themed album together... as I wrote her how I do it, it occurred to me that maybe this information might be useful for someone else... after all, I used to be the same way with albums... wanted to do, but could never complete.

So my Advice!
Start small... maybe a mini album?  Actually... I think it was Anna Aspnes who gave me this advise years ago. 
My first digi album was an Art journal... just to get me warmed up.  It was a 6x6 booklet (easily cut into four from 12x12 page).  Each page was a color theme, sketches, odds and ends for creating.  It was me learning to create in digital so everything was an experiment and I just played :)  Kinda kewl to look back on now and how far I've come since then.  I think it has 12 pages and I just printed and put a ring through all of them and hung on my wall for inspiration.

   My second album was a baby book... first year.  It was 13 pages.  Each page was a month with a picture of the child along with one page being the ultrasound picture.  I took one photo a month, just jotted a little list of accomplishments that month, dated and done.   You can do this kind of idea with anything... a child, a pet, a family...  It's easy with just one pic a month and a list type format that could be a gratitude or dates of events that month.

  I have made lots of these little albums now.  I start with a template and a kit and just rotate, flip, add a pic, delete a pic... but through the whole thing I keep the same papers, repeat elements and just play with the original template... even repeat the template pages just not side by side.  Makes it fast and easy. Each month I spend about an hour doing a page for each album.   Vacations, ski trips, holidays, Yearly family, a teen's life, heritage etc etc... an album can be any kind of theme.  I have at least 6 of these going at any given time... I add to them throughout the year and print in a in a bound storybook when done. (I do 2 page spreads only now too). Each book is like a chapter. :) 

And with digi scrapping, I can also print a copy for whoever I made the book about... too greedy, want my own copy. :)  Kinda learned with quilts... For 20 years I made quilts as gifts... never even took a pic of them... my current sqeeze didn't believe I had made any since I had none in my house when he met me.... LOL   (Did he learn quickly that I have this HUGE stash of fabric and get obsessed with making a quilt!) LOL  Now I take all the scraps from a quilt I make for someone and make a little block or wall hanging for me... AND a picture! LOL 

If you keep it simple... stick to the theme... it's easy to put together small 'chapters'.   I have two big ones I have been working on for quite some time now... 'Messages to My Children' and 'Breathings of My Heart'.  They both are 12x12 size and have about 70 or 80 pages and I plan to print when I reach 100 (max the book can hold).  I just add to them when the idea or an inspiration strikes me.  :)  All of my children will get a copy when I'm done. 
  Hope this helps someone else get past that "Where do I begin" or "It's too much to take on". 



  1. Michelle said...:

    very very nice =) I like picture showing true joy. Those are my favorite type of pics. =) m

  1. lovely laurie said...:

    Absolutely beautiful, Cilenia. Thanks so much for sharing your talents and knowlege with us. :)

  1. Jocelyn said...:

    Cilenia, I love your designs, so beautiful! Your grandaughter is a very lucky little one to have such beautiful memories preserved for her.

    I had to laugh, your blog template is just like mine, that blogging class at might be just what we need.


  1. Cilenia said...:

    thanks everyone!

    Joc - YEP! I soooo need to learn this! LOL

  1. senovia said...:

    Great tips!

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