Week 3 Breathings... and then some. Be ready to be entertained

Saturday, October 24, 2009
Week 3 Here and Now

Sorry about being late... extreme compy problems that by 2:00 I just up and quit after deciding it was either me or IT going through that window!
Thought better to wait till I calmed down to tackle later... which never came... and was followed by DH walking in the door and me jumping him crying, "I have this other AWESOME computer just sitting there!!!  Why can't you just set that one up instead?!?  It's been 3 months since I got it!"  Which was in turn followed by "Honey... you first need to find your program discs so I can load them for you.  Need a beer?"   "YES!"  And with that the day was done.

Ok... now that I've gotten that out of my system... and FOUND my discs so there are no more reasons why this thing can't be set up... except that the connection for my monitor is the wrong type and DH must get a converter thingie and another one for the duel monitors... yea... you guest it... the compy is still sitting under my desk!  LOL

Ready?  This is a long post so get comfortable... but I promise... by the end you will have totally gotten in your entertainment fix for the day.

This weeks spread is about Family in the here and now… Immediate or extended. How does your family make you feel? What is it about them you see that maybe an outsider doesn’t? What do you enjoy doing together? Doesn’t matter if your family is young or all grown; if it’s large or small, it’s a part of you and your life so it needs to be here.  NONE of our's is perfect... which I will explain in a bit how ours totally rides on the extreme outer limits of each. 

So let’s find some pictures that represent what our families like to do together for a normal day or during a normal week and get them on a page where we can express how we feel about sharing life with them in the here and now. If you can’t find some that are from a normal day… take some! :D Go ahead, I give you permission to sneak up on them and take some normal day photos… (shhhh, you’ll need some more later anyways for a page spread). BIG HINT HERE KALLIE!!!! {{Waving}}

You can make it a list, write them a note or write something about them or even do a combination like I did. Think I need more pages LOL… we do a LOT together! Or at least there are moments SO worth scrapping about.
   We rarely got to take family vacations with the kids growing up because of money… and now with everyone’s schedules… a normal day IS our fun days and we have learned to make the best of them and look forward to them. I have found that 5 people in the kitchen cooking together is just as much fun, and at times more fun, than going somewhere to be entertained… besides, we have Kallie and Casey to do that!     THAT’S a whole other 2- page spread titled “Lessons in How to Cook Together as a Family” Still in sketch form, but I promise, I’ll share it as soon as it’s done.

Here's this weeks page spread:
A Technique I used:
It’s the stitches! I used the stitches to join my photos for unity and pull them together… kinda like our family!  They would tell you I have been known to get out the duct tape.. SO not true... Casey did it... or was it Adam who used the duct tape on Casey??? Anyways...

First, I created straight stitches in a line like on the ribbon. Then copied and ‘cut’ some into smaller lengths by selecting pieces with my marquee tool, and doing a CNTRL J to copy it onto it’s own layer then moved around, turned, copied again. I then put pieces overlapping on corners, snug against each other and made it look like I stitched all my photos onto my page together. Maybe it’s the quilter in me, but I LUV stitches. This idea was scrap lifted and inspired by Anna Aspnes and she has a multitude of stitches like these in her store at Designer Digitals.

My Journaling:
We are so blessed as a family. We are each other’s strength. They are my Rock!
We play together, work together, cry and laugh together. So many say this, but it is so true with us. I am amazed how much we stick together in good and in bad times. I am so proud of my children… they truly show me daily what matters most. Even though the other half is 2,000 miles away, we are all still together in heart.

Credits:  Digi Art - Breathings of my Heart kit by me of course. ;)

Now, for your entertainment:   Journaling on another page spread of mine (not shown as I think the children would hunt me down and lock me in a closet… WITH that roll of duct tape! But I'm so getting the yellow roll as suggested by one of you... makes a statement of CAUTION - STAY BACK!  Pictures withheld to protect the innocent...

This was totally inspired by a blogger friend of mine, Andy, {{{again waving}}} and I had to steel, uh borrow it, for a page since we were SO having the same kind of family experience.

Just imagine:  I had requested a picture shoot of all my kids together, there were 5 kids, 2 full grown 6 foot long wolves and 4 ferrets, that was an experience short of nothing but wailing arms and legs and ending with someone having green mud pies on their head. Got the picture in your head now?!?!  Ok… I heard someone gasp… no I did not feed my first or last born to the wolves… they were our pets… along with 4 ferrets that somehow avoided the whole ruckus by hiding in the wood pile.  We DO have our totally completely cooperative moments… but then there are these days!!! So I had to scrap both. Wouldn’t be real life if I didn’t.

Title: Kodak moments are too elusive… I’m going for a Mutual of Omaha’s Wild Kingdom feel.

"You see them all over the Internet, blogs, scrapbook magazine pages… everywhere.

The one with the perfect dad who works out and loves his wife more than high def? And the perfect mom whose IQ exceeds her weight and whose thighs don’t throw up at the mere thought of shorts?
And the kids! Ah, the kids. The perfect combination of DNA material who like each other without coercion or bribes, who are photogenic 24/7, who don’t run screaming from a camera but instead, embrace the very idea of an impromptu photo shoot and treat it like a bonding opportunity instead of a death march?

You know the family I’m talking about?

The one where the mom grabs the camera on a beautiful sunny day and ushers her children outside for some fresh air and some candids and at no time do you hear, “OH MY GOD. SERIOUSLY? NOW? MY HAIR LOOKS AWFUL. CAN WE DO IT NEXT WEEK?”

The family where the mom calls out “Smile!” and the kids readily comply with their big, wide, toothy grins that stretch from ear to ear, making them look genuinely happy and not at all like they’re getting their spleens yanked out of their urethras with barbecue tongs?

Kids who willingly sit next to one another for longer than 2.7 seconds without duct tape or threats of dismemberment?

Who respect each other’s personal space and don’t treat it as an open invitation to host their very own LET’S GET READY TO RUMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMBLE smackdown?
I’m talking about the family in which the youngest child and the eldest child are on the same page as to what constitutes goofing around and what constitutes assault with intent to cause great bodily injury.
You know the one?

Where a hug is an act of love and not a precursor to manslaughter?
You know the family I’m talking about?

The family in which the youngest child does not try to give the eldest child an Indian rug burn on the arm and the eldest child does not smack the youngest child’s arm in retaliation, and the youngest child does not thereafter shriek in protest and stomp up to her room and wail for fifteen minutes and the eldest child does not try to defend her actions by hollering WHY ARE YOU BLAMING ME? YOU ALWAYS BLAME ME! SHE STARTED IT! And then the two middle children are not seen throwing one over the other’s back and dumping him in the pond that smells of rotting algae, and the mom does not ignore all of her offspring because she’s too busy trying to stem the flow of blood pouring out of her eye sockets from the brain aneurysm that just exploded in her head?

We are so not that family.


PS: The kid(s) who ate my ENTIRE unopened box of Vegetable Thins last night and then left the empty box and wrapper on the counter instead of putting in the trash can to conceal their theft... DRIVE up to the store and buy me another!    Please?   :)  See, I said "please"!  OH and while you're at it... replace that bottle of Balsamic Vinegar you 'borrowed' for you and your buddies cooking out at the Grand Canyon. Hey, you're gonna be in the store anyways :)  Luv You!

PSS: Don't be afraid to leave me a comment... let's me know someone actually came here and I feel loved and wanted and appreciated...
Unlike when I spent 2 hours and $300 on groceries and someone pouted and said, "There's nothing to eat in this house."

Ok, promise me this day will be better... The response I got.... "YES it will!  But didn't it make a great journal entry in your cute little book?"  I am now hunting for that duct tape.  : D

Off to set up a compy now :)


  1. Elizabeth said...:

    Cilena, that was hilarious. Loved reading it. Sorry I haven't participated much in your class but we've had either the dreaded flu or really bad colds. Just starting to feel human today.

  1. Cilenia said...:

    Was almost afraid to post this LOL Seeing my 'Other side' :) So sorry to hear about that flu... seems everyone is getting it. I've been hiding in my house to avoid! LOL Don't worry about not staying caught up... this is for our muse and inspirations and will be here when you have time and energy. HUGS Feel better sweetie!

  1. scrappysue said...:

    So funny Cilenia! I really hope you are having a better day today (and got your computer sorted). I think I would have had the beer too!

  1. Julia said...:

    Wonderful! I'm still chugging away...slowly!

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