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Sunday, June 03, 2012
Hi there everyone!  I know, I know... been a loooooong time!  It's been a H __ LL of a month around here and if you know me personally, you are probably wondering if I still have a brain left! LOL  read to the end for my summary of the month.
But first... I am honored again to have been published by Scrap Street Mag and the cover story for  Make it Manly. 
Here's a peek.  Click the preview too to read the techniques I used to create this page.

I created this page with my Beautiful Mess 2 Mixed Media Kit
Thank you ScrapStreet for requesting another  layout to be shared with your subscribers!

So onto the my past month's summary for you inquiring minds who need to know….
My jaw surgery went fine, so they tell me... but I have somehow lost 2 weeks to little green men who stole my brain and made me an up and down emotional mess on pain meds.  Not completely done yet, but the bone grafting and 4 mini posts in my jaw are tolerable now and I won't be reaching for anything stronger than aspirin again! {can you hear my family cheering in the background? lol}  Now just to recover from the financial blow of it all (and pay for the next 5 years on a loan), and not having medial insurance.  big ugggg!

As for the rest of the month... my son finally passed his kidney stones after several weeks of agonizing pain... I learned he handles pain meds much better than I do!  
My daughter has recovered physically from loosing the baby and time will heal the heart.  And we have been firmly reminded that everything happens for a reason... and unfortunately she also had to learn a difficult life-Lesson this past month too that had nothing to do with the pregnancy, but ended up with her and Miss Bailey taking shelter with us for a spell... 
And that made for a little chaos around here as they brought with them a puppy.... who has made herself at home finally with my yellow lad/golden retriever Gracie. She really is a good puppy, overlooking her need to eat anything paper including the occasional toilet paper roll and excitable peeing when someone new comes to visit.  
My bf was laid off for the 2nd time in just over a month, but did find a new job thankfully AND he even got my daughter a full time position there too as she couldn't find anything other than part time for the last year! Whoo Hoo!  
Now it's just a matter of waiting for those first checks that doesn't come for a month... uggg.  We had just about recovered from the month before lay off financially.  

Does the drama every end? lol  Hate drama! So ready to get back to normal days and life!  {without the green men mind you!} ;D
Just breathe Cilenia, just breathe!

Off to get caught up now.  I have your new Art Journaling challenge at Digitals for June to get posted! Watch tomorrow for all the info how to play and receive your Bonus Mini kit for participating. :)
Little sneak peek of the bonus kit.  And look for a full kit to coordinate with this later this week too!


  1. lyricscrapper said...:

    OMG Cilenia you have been through a lot the past few months. Glad everything is looking better now.

    I love your art! I've been looking all over at all the links you posted and your work is very impressive. I took your color class and use your teachings all the time.

    Good Luck with everything, your art and your family.

    Take Care, Cheryl

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