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Thursday, May 31, 2012
Good morning, Sherry here!  I am excited to share this tip with you today that will hopefully make your Photoshop tasks easier.  Last week I had a chance to take a class on Photoshop CS6, and among the many wonderful things they've added to the new version, one of them is to group similar layers together.  That seemed like it would be helpful in many situations.  But as I researched further, earlier versions of Photoshop have a similar feature that I wish I had known about sooner.

Let's use the example with type layers.  You may have several type layers and want to work with all of them.  Rather than scrolling up and down through your layers palette looking for them, try this:  First highlight one of the text layers in your layers palette.  In the Select drop-down box, you can choose Similar Layers (Alt-S, Y on a PC, Option-S, Y on a Mac).  Once you do this, all your text layers will be highlighted and it's easy to see them so you can work with them.  Another place this can be helpful is with layers that are linked - for some reason I'm always getting linked layers that aren't next to each other. I can now find my linked layers by highlighting one of the linked layers and using the steps above, and now I have all of the linked layers highlighted.

I was very excited to find this tip, hope it's helpful to you too!


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