Weekend Studio Time

Monday, May 14, 2012
Last weekend we got in a little studio time. My daughter Kallie needed to lighten up her new living room with brown walls and no color at all. So we went hunting! Found some great prices on canvases so told her we could just make it! LOL We found some inspiration to set the color theme and decided on clocks for an overall theme and played off the circle shape of the face for the art and went to work.

I used modeling paste to create the deep textures for the circles applying with a palette knife and applied to a clock stencil I have. (Hind site... next time I'm coloring the background first!) lol We decided we liked the white for the clocks after the fact.

I stuck with lighter tones of color to help lighten the room up, but brought in touches of the browns and ocher colors and there is also a touch of a slate teal blue/green in here too. I loved the way these came out! Not exactly my style, but fits right in with the look Kallie wanted. Modern geometric but with touches of grunge and artsy. Even Miss Bailey got her hands into this with us!

Was a good day!


  1. senovia said...:

    Those look awesome!

  1. Bunnyfreak said...:

    This looks so cool. Love it.

  1. Angela Coles said...:

    fabulous artwork

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