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Thursday, May 10, 2012
Good morning, Sherry here - it's Thursday and time for a Photoshop tip!  Today's tip is something I learned about 6 months ago that has brought me many smiles and saved great frustration.  Here's the scenario:  I have a layout started, and I want to place another element on the page.  I open the element into Photoshop, and I use Window-Arrange-Tile so that I can see all my open windows on the screen.  So if I wanted to put my new element onto my layout, I would use my move tool, clicking on some special space that might or might not actually allow me to drag the element onto my layout.  It worked a lot of the time, but there were too many times it didn't work.

SO!  The solution!  When you are looking at all your windows through Window-Arrange-Tile, click in the tile that contains the element you want to move.  Then go to the thumbnail of that element in the layer palette and drag that onto your layout.  Works perfect, 100%, every single time.  Also, after you drag the element, the tile that is highlighted is your layout, the place where you dragged the element, so you can just maximize that window and go right on scrapping!!!

Hope this helps you as much as it did me.  I think for next week I will try to figure out a shortcut for Window-Arrange-Tile - if you already know one, please leave me a comment!


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