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Saturday, July 16, 2011
So I've been told I totally corrupt my friends once I introduce them to my "beautiful mess" in playing with mixed media! lol
I had been talking to my girlfriend Betty Jo about what I use for drawings in not only my art journaling but on my art quilts also.  I explained that I'm an ink lover!  I just love inks more than acrylics and watercolors because they are so vibrant and you can work over them after they dry and they won't bleed.  Guess that's all it took, so Betty Jo ordered the Inktense pencils and blocks to start playing again with her art.

LOOK what she made for her first art doodle in ages!  LOVE THIS!

Be sure to check out her blog for the whole story at Betty Jo's View

  There are actually a few of us who almost talk daily exchanging ideas in our real life art.  I even copied some of it to our Artist's Studio at DDS forums in a Mixed Media thread.  
Doesn't matter how you do your art, just do it!  We have our photography, watercolors, acrylics, fabrics, wood, sketch pads, you name it, (and I've been known to leave my mark on a few walls even, lol).  

I think we may have to start something regular sharing on blogs with peek into a designer's mind of two, or three, or four artists that love to play in very different mediums.  Hmmm… "Musings of an Artist" may have just been born!  lol  More on this later… have to go and solicit my creative buddies and twist an arm or two. ;)


  1. Betty Jo said...:

    LOL Yep, you've totally corrupted me! I'll never want to stop playing if you keep inspiring me with such awesome mediums. Musings of an Artist; I like that. ♥

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