Sooo Busy lately!

Saturday, June 20, 2009
Where has the time gone? I have been so busy lately and haven't even had time to jump online and say HI to all my wired buddies... haven't had time to do our Create A Day challenge (See the post 2 weeks ago), at Jessica's... did I even sleep last night??? I'm still exhausted! So what have I been doing for 2 weeks you might wonder... WELL... let me tell you.

First... Had four close friends come into town for last week all stay at my house... one of which I call sister as we are that close. I get to see them but once or twice a year now, so we try and cram everything and anything into the few days we have with each other... and of course there's never enough time (or sleep LOL). Talk, play, ride, sip Long Islands, talk... play... eat... more Long islands... no, not much sleep in there. :) They even dragged me to the strip as Debbie had never been there. UGGG At least I got to see my favorite buddies play out side in the band. WONDERBOOGIE! Love that 70s boogie music and these guys are an awesome show. Play every day at the Carnival court outside Harrahs. ONLY place you can get me to go on the strip!

Second...But the week before they arrived I was awarded a new contract on a retail site and HAD to get the design done and the construction documents started and out for the rest of the engineering team! WORK FINGERS WORK!!! After 6 design revisions trying to match the theme of the exisisting buildings... trying to make the city happy and the owner happy AND keep costs down, it finally came together... I think my compy hates me now LOL Two screens and one fast little compy had a hard time keeping up LOL I even surprised myself how much I got done (surprising what a motivation my sister can be.. "You're NOT working while I'm there!!!" ok ok ok. She knew I was a workaholic when I worked in an office... but now at home it's been just about a 24 hour thing. Can't sleep... work, bored... work, stressed.... work it out in work...

THEN THIRD... I was invited to Natural Designs in Scrap Booking ( Design team! I had to get my kits refined and ready for the Shoppe ... cross my fingers, and learn a new program for the admin there.

ALL in one week before the company arrived... then after they left, had to get right back at it and get more work done, come to find the owner of my project now thinks I'm the godess herself and hires me to run the whole site of the project and coordinate everything... "YEA... CRAP" all in one breath! Now my time was even thinner... I had one week now to get this all ready as they start grading this week... OMG, it was so not organized!!! Utilities hadn't even been updated for 2 years during all this design... and no one knew who was doing what.
ok.. putting that godess wizard hat on LOL waving a magic wand... did not good... so what's a CAD godess to do??? WORK WORK WORK... dream the work, play the work, don't stop typing and making phone calls!
So here it is Saturday... wake still feeling exhausted... and I have the compy on before I even get my coffee... BUT I decided to come here first and am going to force myself to play for at least an hour or two before I dive back into work. :) And say HI to all my buddies... so HELLO internet BUDDIES!!!! Missed you!!!


  1. You have to be a goddess to keep with all of that. Keep strong and sane...but don't stop. You are amazing!

  1. suejtaylor said...:

    Hi Cilania, gosh you have been super busy! Hope you find time to relax; take care! Sue

  1. Thauna said...:

    wow, you have been super busy! Sounds like a lot of fun with your friends and congrats on all your exciting projects you have going on.

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