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Friday, February 20, 2009
What one person, thing, moment, or place do you wish you had a photo of?

This is such an easy question for me... and actually about how I got into the digital world of photography and attempting to learn photo editing... I would LOVE to have pictures of my children when they were young.

You see... previously in the age of paper pictures, I had thousands of them. I cherished all the moments I had captured, not only their firsts of things, but the every day life things. Making dinner, sewing, holding each other tight during a scary movie... and then it happened... April 1st, 1992... The house caught on fire from a bad gas valve on our hot water tank and flashed and within in 4 minutes, everything was gone. We all made it out ok... but out of all the material items lost that day, it was the lost pictures, that even now, make me have tears streaming down my face as I write this... just thinking of our loss. Have gathered a few from family... but so many lost.

So when digital came... you can bet I have many many back ups of every single one. and even still have some of those scorched photos that did survive that I found among the ashes and have carefully sealed in little plastic baggies, only with hope for one day, when I can master and figure out how to take what little I have and remove the ash and soot to see my babies faces again.Still stuck in point and shoot world of cameras. But wanting to learn.

So my passion now is to not only get my pictures archived and stories told... but to help anyone who wants to do it also! And you can be darn sure I pass this on to my children and make sure they do the same for their children. :)


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