Sunday, February 22, 2009

Well, I did it today... caved in as Liv would say... joined Facebook after many many invites. Now there's another place I have to make sure I pay attention to so my friends don't think I'm ignoring them LOL. Luv them all, just gets consuming. But love that I can share so easily on it. So I will "play" for awhile. HA, like i have time to play! But something really good came out of it because i did... my mother, sister and brother all joined too. babysis was on there already, but now we all are and can share... besides the million emails and phone calls LOL

Well... I didn't win the class... Jessica did the fair thing and let a generator choose the winners from each day... but WOW, instead of one for each day, she gave three winners for each day! What a gal! Still most likely will take the class anyways.. so one less evening of drinking beer is how I look at it. WELL worth it.

Still upset I didn't get to do her Stories in Hand class last October... didn't find her site until January, but feel very lucky to have taken her other class and look forward to her advanced class starting soon. I've learned sooo many shortcuts and tricks... knew how to do most of the stuff... just the LONG HARD way LOL. So if you are looking to take a GREAT digiscrap class, you need to look no further than Jessica Sprague. She's really found her calling!

Time to relax now... tomorrow is Monday and that's always the busy one... and I have a friend coming over in the morning to help her create her own business website... should be interesting... she wants to do it with me teaching her how... lol i'd rather just do it for her! But she is a good student so i will teach.

Still need to get my own class agenda together... have most, but want to make sure all is perfect of course... the anal thing i can be. :)

And want to start a new Storybook... "In the Land of Fae". It's a book for my daughter Kara and of her growing up in the "secret garden" with all her fairy friends... you'll see... this book is border of reality and somewhere in the between land because as a small child (and occasionally today at 14), she believed in the magik of the garden and sees spirits all the time and even her older sister has seen her 'guardian angel' swoop in the window of her room with her long flowing dress of white. Kara truly is a special child... and this book is all the stories she used to tell me about and her adventures in the herb garden making little homes for her friends. I did one years ago in paper... but want it to be all digial now so I can do the 'special' graphics. :)


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