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Monday, August 27, 2012
So after all the rain... ahem, 'flash flooding' last week, I thought, how wonderful for the garden and the trees! Well... maybe not this much, but we so needed the rain. You might have caught this on my Facebook posts last Wednesday when Casey (my son), and I ventured out for an afternoon unaware this is what was up at the end of the street 1 block over. Yes, that's a street. LOL

So this USED to be my itty bitty veggie/herb garden.... couple tomato plants, some lettuces, and some herbs...  My photo from last April soon after everything started sprouting nicely. 

And this is what it looks like right now... I noticed because it sits right outside my window here and had water spurting onto my window... which I assumed was only a broken sprinkler line.  HA!  Chewed more likely, not broken.  And now all above the soil, not buried...  kind of like those roots on the tomato plants.

I turn around and guess who's looking up at me?  Looks sweet huh? Do NOT be fooled!

Yep... Cocoa, the puppy from H E  double hockey sticks! LOL  Yes she looks adorable... and yes, she is very lovable... but this puppy (my grand-daughter's puppy mind you), is creating chaos around here lately.  
We won't even talk about the screen door with a new puppy door... or the upstairs carpet right now looking like an art project... OR the hallway freshly painted woodwork that is more like a natural grunged woodwork at all the corners, OR the other 3 plants by the pool now chewed up all over the sidewalk... this time, she struck on something that is more sacred than those things... my Herbs!  And I thought putting that fence around would help? Or putting my two terra cotta mint pots where she dug the last BIG holl 2 feet down would help? HA!  LOL  

 Do you notice how she has this little grin on her face even though she is being scolded?!  

So where is the other tomato plant?   Found it!  Well... part of it.  Other side of patio.
What's a mother to do? -sigh-   


  1. Anonymous said...:

    AWWWWWWW but she looks so sweet!!!! ROFL! Too cute!!!!!!

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