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Monday, July 02, 2012
Hi There!  Sabrina here again, well if you read the Follow Your Art Blog you have seen me before lol,  with a couple of layouts from Cilenia's gallery to inspire you.

I wanted to focus on one of her newest kits called Art Journal Kit June 2012 because of the beautiful combination of blue, sand, with a touch of green.  This kit is perfect for anything from art journaling to everyday scrapbook pages. One fabulous item Cilenia incorporated into this kit is Washi Tape! 

Now if you are like me and have no clue what that is no worries!  I didn't know what it was either until this kit was released but I researched it, as I do most things in life lol, and it is a type of paper/tape created by the Japanese.  This type of product is actually tougher than normal paper and is made to be very decorative, if you would like to learn more about Washi tape click here.   But isn't it cool that Cilenia created a digital form for us to play with?!

So now on to a couple of layouts to see how this cool kit can be used!

"Father & Son" by Vicky Day
This page is the epitome of layering!  Vicky did a wonderful job of stacking especially with the layers on the right side and if you look closely she balanced that out with a small stacked cluster in the bottom left corner.  I really love Vicky's sepia-toned image of the father teaching his son how to shoot a BB gun.  This photo could have easily been scrapped with a more traditional masculine kit but the mood would not have been the same. Vicky has drawn us into this layout by creating a nostalgic atmosphere with the colors of this kit and it can easily be interpreted as growth with the use of the butterflies. Think about it...butterflies have an amazing growth progress and have so many symbolic meanings.  I interpret this page as the father is beginning to give his son "wings" by teaching him to shoot.  Great page Vicky!
"Every Page" by Me (Sabrina)
When I had the opportunity to work with this kit the first thing I decided to do was dig into my enormous set of files to find just the right photo to compliment this kit.  It is no lie that my favorite color of all is blue so my excitement was bubbling.  I found the image above from a recent trip to a local amusement park and the blues in it were perfect! I went to work by bringing in a sand colored mask  and then blending the photo over it and offsetting it to add a touch of interest.  The color of the mask was pulling the eye so strong I decided to add a touch of the same color in the top right-hand corner to balance it out. The butterflies in the kit then called out to me to use them and I said to myself, "Why not?"  Flowers and butterflies go together but I did not want them to overpower my other work so I subtly blended them into the background.  I struggled with a title for this page but then I read a quote somewhere that made me come up with, "Every page I scrap is a piece of history."
And it is true sweet friends!  Whether you are a traditional scrapper or an art jouranler everything you make is a piece of history, a moment in time preserved for future generations! So now that I have hopefully inspired you go and grab those fleeting moments of history and make some lovely pages!

Until next time!


  1. Kristina said...:

    Very pretty!

  1. Vicky said...:

    LOVED your synopsis of my layout, Sabrina!

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