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Thursday, July 05, 2012
Do you like to design quick pages? But hate how much of a pain it can be?
Have you ever wanted to make quick pages easily by masking out the area of your photo without having to go through the pain of erasing all the below objects that should be hidden or masking out each layer of an object below? Or maybe you want to create a PSD layered template to use like a quick page but being able to edit where you have your photos?

There is a little known tool in Photoshop called Knockout that is easy to use. It's in your Layer Styles!

After creating the area you want the photo to be (using a marque tool, or maybe a brush like I did here in gray.

Double click your layer to bring up your layer styles menu pop up.
Notice under Advanced Blending there are some options there.
Take your Fill Opacity all the way to 0 (zero) to hide the layer.
Use the pulldown next to Knockout and select Deep.
Then click OK

Now you can save as a PNG file for a Quick Page, OR you can change your mind about the location of your Knockout mask and move as you wish and save as a PNG file for a new quick page.  Great for making fast two pager layouts!

Here is mine created with my Kit Sometimes.  All the checkered background you see is where my photo will show up behind the page.

And here is the finished page I made last summer using this quickpage by easily placing the photos on the bottom layer.
Added my title and some journaling and was done. 

Just want the Quick page and not have to do the work?
I put this one and a 2nd one in my shop at Digitals today for a great price of only $1.50 each


  1. Vicki said...:

    Just when you think you know so much about Photoshop ... thank you so much, this is a great tip!

  1. Vicky said...:

    Cool! I'll definitely have to give this a try!

  1. Lynne said...:

    Always love these little tuts!!! Thank you!

  1. sue said...:

    great tip, love time savers

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