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Thursday, June 14, 2012
Sharing just a few Gallery Inspirations found this week. I always LOVE seeing what people do with my art and am always amazed at the utterly talented creativeness I see.

By mystampin

By paulajo

By judyinsd
Credits: Relax Page Kit 
Template Layered Looks #6 by Tiffany Tillman

By Sabrina
Credits: Relax Page Kit

By vickyday

Finding you….
Unlike art, where I can usually walk into my studio and just start it and let it flow... writing comes a lot harder for me. Now, expressing verbally usually doesn't, or so I'm told, but when I am with someone in real life talking about art or sewing or almost anything I love, I'm 'outrageously contagious' they say, with inspirations from my overly excited chatter... don't know how true that is, but feels good to know I'v inspired someone. :)
So with that said, I'm going to attempt to write as I would talk. :D But you will have to pretend a little here as you can not hear my voice with the little squeals of excitement, or the serious glance and assurance that you too can do this.

One question I am asked over and over again is how to find your own creative voice... your true... What is the secret? How do I get there? It's not an easy answer. And to be honest... I'm still on my journey to "get there"! lol I secretly hope my journey doesn't stop, as that would stop the fun of discovery.

I did a scrap page a few years back that spoke how I feel about the journey... "It's not about the destination, it's about the journey getting there. Life is a journey... so make each day count." So true, so true. It's our little journeys that make up our lives. It's the journeys that make it wondrous. Up the hill, down the hill, tired, exhilarated, sad and then happy and joyous... it's all a part of the journey. All these things make up our journey in life, and each and every one is such an important part or facet of our own selves making up the whole as we go. Yes it will change along the way... you will change. Change can be good! It's about learning from the mistakes and growing. It's about learning something new, trying it out and building on it if we end up liking it. Not everything we do we will love... or even like for that matter... but wasn't it fun to try? :D

What I do know is you have to do what you love... don't let others tell you how to do it, where to do it, or when you should be doing it.
It doesn't matter what kind of artist you are... your art should come within. From your soul! Discover and listen to what your inner voice is saying to you. Maybe you express in scrapbooking pages of your life's little journeys, or maybe you express in art or visual journaling and even intermix the two as I do... or maybe your love is mixed media or digital art or even in sewing by art quilting.... doesn't matter HOW you express your inner voice, your art, your memories... the point is to EXPRESS it! Let it out! Let your heart sing!

Discover... yes I used that word to describe the creative journey. You need to discover "it". The "it" is whatever you want "it" to be. The "it" is your True.
So many things in our lives hide from us what we really want to be feeling or thinking or doing. What I mean is, that things happen to make us push thoughts or feelings deep into a dark hole inside and we don't look at them... they sit there, hiding, waiting to be discovered. The simple thought of "I can't do that like this or that person." or "I'm not an artist like [fill in the blank].", pushes our own creative selves deeper into that void, that hole and we even tend to put a lid on it and forget about it. I'm just as guilty as the next person of doing this. Then I remind myself... in ways that seem so weird you'd wonder if I had this magical all knowing self back then that knew I would need an encouraging word in the future. I will create a page, write a journal passage or create a piece of wall art with some inspirational quote or word... then WAY into the future, it seems to LEAP at me just when I need it. I honestly think this is my inner voice coming out... my True, trying to speak to me. That somehow, my unconscious self, knew I would need it one day.

I have also learned that I have had to learn to let go... letting go is hard! But we have to let go of negative thoughts of failure, of not being perfect, of not creating like someone else and ALLOWING our own creativeness to come shining through.

We need to dig deep, uncover the veil and discover what we really want and feel and getting in tune with that. That's finding and discovering your True.
So in summary... dont worry about the end destination... have fun in the journey of discovery. I always say "You've got to learn to play! Play to learn, play to grow, play to find your inner creative goddess." :) Search within and find your authentic self, your inner voice... your True!
I promise you... you will like you and what you will find.


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