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Friday, April 13, 2012
So I've decided to start sharing what I do in my Art Journals a little bit by popular request of my students. I have several, some private thoughts for working out feelings within me, some just for playing with colors and art or just for pure pleasure. The private ones will still be pretty much private, but the others are I am more than willing to share.
So here it goes…

My compy RAM was giving me issues yesterday, so before I decided to throw something at it, I decided to create something in my art journal instead. :D

I did do some fabric dying too, (still in process as I'm experimenting with creating my own Batik fabrics this week and will share when I get those done.), but I did some sketching and inks to experiment with the colors I wanted to use for my fabrics.

AND - FINALLY started sketching the flowers on the wall in the Studio.  Just penciled in right now… but have finally got in my mind what I want to do.  These are about 2-3 feet tall for the tallest.
Pretty kewl how a little sketching can inspire so much. ;)  These are sitting just under my "butterfly release" of the french butterflies we made last week.

Off to get ready for Nicky (aka Senovia), to come over and play today in the Studio! No clue what we are going to create, but know it will be fun!


  1. Lynne said...:

    These are fabulous Cilenia!! I have always been so impressed with your art, thank you for posting. Love your sketch book!! And that wall already is amazing, I can hardly wait to see it finished!

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