Studio Remodel Day 1

Thursday, March 08, 2012
So now that my Kallie and Miss Bailey have moved out in their new home I get my Loft Studio back. Thought about just moving it all back in, but had a better idea. I want a fresh, clean new look to the Studio.
Found this AWESOME neutral grey paint color I used for my downstairs bathroom, but OMG, I LOVE it up in the loft with all the natural light flooding in! We started out yesterday with doing only one wall to see how it would look. LOVE IT! So we did 2 of the walls with it. I'm leaving everything else white and am painting all the molding white too. It is GORGEOUS! Pics just don't do it justice here. This was early morning light… will try again today with afternoon sun coming in. :)

Snapped my daughter Kallie putting on the first coats. ;)

One Wall done!

The Plan!

I'm going to paint 3' or bigger tall poppies in the corner and cascade down and out each side with paper white coneflowers and daisies (and maybe a little other wildflower looking ones too between).  These should look sweet on the neutral slate grey walls and plan on doing some negative under painting to really pop them.    Starting sketching ideas... like the poppies, but think I will do the coneflowers like my art quilts instead of these... but hey, was fun sketching. ;)

Coneflowers like these on my art quilts I think would look good on the wall…. yes? :)  Nice big life sized.  Undertones of slate grey with a touch of sage maybe... hmmm where is that color journal, need to test that out first. lol May do a slate blue instead. Not sure the sage green would look good on the grey wall.

And maybe some word art... either...
"To be True, you must embrace the life that's calling you, and listen to the whispers of your soul."
or my usual
"Creativity is allowing yourself to make mistakes... Art is knowing which ones to keep."
Tough one to decide.... but leaning towards the first one right now. 

Then I have this awesome idea for a focal point on the long wall with a art quilt wall hanging. Taller more than wide grey quilt with white inner border with a white dandelion blowing pieces across the quilt.  Haven't decided yet if I will paint or applique yet.  Need to sketch that too. ;)

So off to the studio to make my plan and get out the pencils and start sketching on the walls. :)
I'm allowed!  I've been working for 5 hours already on the compy! LOL  Gotta play too! 


  1. Vicky said...:

    What do I think? I think you are amazingly talented! That's what I think! I CANNOT wait to see the finished product!

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