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Thursday, December 01, 2011

This month's art journaling challenge is all about living our lives with Intention! Making a plan, setting our goals and creating our steps to make our intentions a reality. This mini kit is the perfect starting point to create this. It's dreamy colors are calming to help you focus your intentions and get serious about living them by taking that first step in defining them.

Something I am very much doing right now personally! Each year starting on Oct. 31st I look back and make sure that I am living with intention. That I am doing what makes me happy, doing what answers the whispers inside me to be happy and live the life I want to live. I look at my daily life and double check to make sure that I am taking my steps to get there and redefine any intentions that need to be. Yes they do change, and yes, I do find myself doing things that are not a part of those goals. Time to look at the end results I want and make a plan to get there. By Dec 1st I usually have my full intensions defined and I spend this month making my plans, making my steps to reach the reality I want, planning how to incorporate them into my daily life. I start slow, intentional, and begin the process of incorporating them in daily so it's not so overwhelming. By the first week of January I usually have them in place in my daily life to start working towards those goals.

This year I am looking for more time… (I know aren't we all? lol), but I am being very intentional to make sure that I have more time to enjoy doing what I love most which just happens to coincide with my other intention of what I need to be doing to further my career and earn enough money to provide for my family. 

This means looking at how I currently spend my time, how can I do better at scheduling my time and sticking to it? Where can I carve out slots of time to delegate for what I want to be doing, and time to do what I need to be doing to reach my own personal goals. I have many smaller goals too and need to be scheduling them into this mass of time and make it all work in harmony.  When we keep our intentions in the front of our thoughts, have a plan, make small steps within that plan to work in on a daily basis, we can and will make our goals a reality.
Inspiration-Passion-Commitment = Goals and Intentions = Reality
My first scribbles of defining my intentions. :)

Ideas to journal:
Define your intentions/goals and be exacting about it, make a list of smaller goals and steps to reach that bigger goal, list some things you can do each day to live with the intention of reaching that goal. List things your've already accomplished to reach your goals for some positive reinforcement that you are on the right path and can do it.

This month my art journaling took on a new form because of my personal intentions also. Not really new… but an old one brought back with a twist. Following my inner passions, I used my digi art and combined it with my fabric art and created a mini art quilt. See the whole process.  I do plan on posting a little tutorial about this too soon if you want to try your hand at mixing digi with quilting art. :) 

Amazingly, this SO inspired me, so much it lit a fire inside of me, my intentions became MORE defined. I am sure I will be sharing if you want to watch as I start to implement and work this. It was also what inspired the Dec Art Journal Challenge kit and part of what you will get for free to join me in this challenge. :)

So enough of my ramblings, here is your free mini kit to get you started on living your intentions.
Art Journal Challenge Dec 2011 Mini Kit

And if you want the full kit, you can find it here. :)

Can't wait to see what you create this month!
Make sure you go to the Dec Life thru Art Journaling Challenge forum and leave us a link to your page and I'll send you the prize bonus mini kit link via private message from our Dec collab.
Blessings, Cilenia


  1. Paula said...:

    OMG! ! ! The Art Quilt turned out to be absolutely breathtaking! ! ! !
    I looked at all of the photos, and I am in awe!

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