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Thursday, February 16, 2012
Good morning!  It's me, Sherry, again, with a quick tip for justifying text in your layout!  I tested this in Photoshop so I'm not sure if it works the same in Elements, but if you have Elements and want to test it, just leave me a comment below please!

Situation:  You've typed several lines of text and realize that it's centered rather than left-justified as you intended.

Solution:  Making sure the Text layer is selected in your Layers panel, press Ctrl-Shift-L to left justify text.  You can also use Ctrl-Shift-C to center text, and Ctrl-Shift-R to right justify text.  (If you are using a Mac, replace Ctrl with Cmd).

Hope this helps save you some time!


  1. Cilenia Curtis said...:

    Luv this tip Sherry! I always use the Paragraph tab on the Panel but this is MUCH faster and easier! See an old dog can learn new tricks! lol Thanks for sharing with us!

  1. Cilenia Curtis said...:

    Just tested in PSE and you can do as long as you double click your text layer on the thumbnail to edit first. :)

  1. Angie Young said...:

    Great tip Sherry! Thanks for sharing!!

  1. Vicky said...:

    Works the same in PSE.....AND to justify everything evenly as in newspaper column type, use ctrl+shift+J.

  1. Cilenia Curtis said...:

    OH! Awesome! Which version of PSE do you have Vicky?! Mine is PSE6 on a Mac and I could get it to work the same… had to double click the text to edit. Cringed as I opened it to check. LOL Hate PSE! Soooo spoiled with CS! lol

  1. Vicky said...:

    Cilenia, PSE6 is what I have, too!

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