Friday Fill Ins on Saturday lol

Saturday, February 25, 2012
Was NOT a good day here yesterday and needed to walk away from the computer and unplug for a while.   >sigh<   As it was as a child, and my mother always told me, "Don't touch anything electronic when you are upset."  Why?  Cause it goes just as nuts and bonkers as I am. LOL  CRASH BANG data lost.  >bigger sigh<  Will I ever learn….  Couldn't even post my answers to this Friday Fillin because I totally would have regretted what I would have wrote then. Nope, not going there. Wouldn't have been pretty at all.

But would like to thank my two partners in art for calming me, keeping me grounded, pulling in that leash and letting me explode all that the same time! LOL  Luv you girls!  Thanks Angie and Lynne! we go!  My Friday Fill Ins

1. I'm feeling FAR better than I did yesterday… well, mentally, but physically I am drained.
2. I want to not say something I might regret later. 
3. I need to focus on something positive.
4. I was thinking I need to stop doing certain things so I don't feel this way again… lesson learned
5. I wish people would let go their egos and stop taking credit for things they didn't do or for great ideas they didn't come up with themselves.
6. I'm reading Quilting Arts while regenerating my body and soul.
7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to JACK, tomorrow my plans include recovering from Jack, and find the energy to grocery shop and Sunday, I want to clean and start Monday fresh with a new attitude!


  1. Angie Young said...:

    Hugs! Love you Cilenia! I hope this week is better for you!

  1. grambie said...:

    Our two wish for you a better upcoming week. Things happen for reason and the fact that you are able to reach out for support and grounding is a miraculous thing. (I am sad to say that I do not have Photoshop. Just remember, you are always in my prayers.

    (You had a link to another blog for a tutorial about proper blending techniques--papers and photos. I am on a new computer; when I transferred info from Windows XP to Windows 7 professional, somehow some of the tutorials were lost. I did not realize it at that time. My older computer hard drive has been reformatted. I have searched your blog and everything and cannot find it. When you have the time, if possible, I would appreciate the link.) HUGS!

  1. Cilenia Curtis said...:

    Hi Grambie!
    I think the article you are looking for was under my "Evolution of a Page" posts. This one I specifically talk about blending papers and photos.

    There is also a master list of mini tutorials available by name and techniques in the top menu bar here. That's how I found this one faster for you.
    I have transfered many of my tutorials from my shop's old blog to here, but still in process of changing all those links.

    Congrates on the new compy!
    Hugs, Cilenia

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