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Saturday, October 15, 2011
So we went to the movies last night and saw Contagion.  Good movie by the way, a little too close to reality so it scares me more than a horror flick.  But I like those kind of movies. :)

So this is what I woke up to on my desk from my little Miss Bailey.  :) Come on, say it…  "Awwww!"  She's always making me happy little things and leaving them as cute little surprises to find. This little card will remind me how precious she is and how the littlest things can matter the most. :)  Kind of like getting flowers for no reason at all. (which is what she did yesterday, but from my neighbor's yard! lol  At least she asked first this time! )

So what does a girl do when she feels happy and inspired by such sweet little thoughts 
and wants to doodle and play?
Draw her wild hair that is reflecting back at her on her window! LOL  
ok, so I put it on a youthful face, cause this is NOT mine! lol  Now just to think of a way to use this!   Lynne seems to have it all figured out! lol Will have to see what she does.

And now I have tremendous urge to play today.  
These colors are screaming out my name sitting here beside me.
Which of course leads my eye to the sewing table and my almost finished latest art quilt.
Which in turn leads my chair from my desk and magically slides over to my sewing machine.
Guess where I'll be the rest of the morning in my quiet corner?
Well, until Miss Bailey gets up at least and then we both will be there with her on my lap sewing our happy hearts out. :)  Then we will be cleaning the pool, and tending to the gardens this afternoon enjoying being outside in the warm fall sunshine admiring the migrating humming birds taking roost in our tree for the winter. :)  

Enjoy your day and your weekend!  
Do something for yourself today that makes you feel happy!
Remember, you don't have a soul, you are a soul that has a body.


  1. senovia said...:

    Sounds like a wonderful day. :) Except I'd be IN the pool instead of tending to it. Tell Bailey that card is beautiful! And I LOVE the lady with the wild hair! She looks JUST LIKE ME!! (NOT!)

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