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Friday, August 05, 2011
I have been a little out of sorts this past week as I was not feeling at the top of my game with a four day long migraine, so I decided to spend some time cuddled up with my new Quilting Arts Mag in my bedroom with the shutters closed guarding my eyes from the intense Nevada sun.  Feeling the inspirations taking me over, I started sketching ideas for a new Art Quilt I want to make as a gift for a friend who is learning design.  I wanted to do something different but inspirational and educational.  I plan on making a color wheel showing all the color families in flowers into a pretty art quilt.  More on this later as I put this away until I finish my other art quilt with Miss Bailey. :)

I then went surfing for a new Beautiful Mess inspiration for a new digiscrap kit.  I wanted something calming, (with my current state of being), and neutral.  Something that could easily be combined with any colors from one's stash.  I frequently read Rebecca Sower's blog since I discovered her back in 2009 from a Somerset Studio Mag I have.   This week she posted this wonderful neutral photo collage and it's a perfect muse for me today.  See her post here with all the photo credits.

So armed with my new inspiration, I came up with a "non-color" color theme! lol
Off White - Creams - Silver - Taupes - Charcoals

I spent my morning pulling fabrics, textures and my vast collection UFOs (Un-Finished-Objects), together in my studio  to develop a mini inspiration board for this with my color swatch pulled from these.  We'll see where this takes me and I promise to share my journey how I develop this.
Besides… it's not always about the destination, it's about the journey getting there. And that entitles playing… and if you know me personally, you know it's all bout the PLAY for me! :D

That reminds me of a quote I saved from Robert Dancik, a jewelry artist. I feel like I have said this a million times in one way or another and thought his words of wisdom were worth sharing with you.

"Do not underestimate the importance of play.  Play is serious work.  When I play, it is open-ended exploration into my artwork and my processes.  I don’t focus on where it may lead or what the end product will be, but instead put my attention into enjoying and learning from the experience of simply exploring.  So the next time you are creating, don’t worry about where you’ll end up... just enjoy the ride."
Off to play for now!


  1. Katherine B said...:

    I sooOOoo LOVE neutrals! Your color palette is GORGEOUS, Cilenia! Hoping your headache is gone!

  1. Anonymous said...:

    Neutrals are my "go-to" favorites -- they work with all photos and never call attention to themselves but let your words and photos shine. Can't wait to see the new Beautiful Mess kit. Sounds terrific. Wishing you many headache-free days.


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