Christmas in July Day 5 Freebie

Friday, July 22, 2011
Hi there!  Welcome to Day 5 of our Christmas in July sale and blog train!

EDIT:  ok… so I'm human! >insert long sigh followed by "you dip cilenia!" <
First, let me explain myself so you know I'm not totally loosing it.  When I create pages for myself, I create to the specifications of my printer… which means my page height is slightly smaller than the width.  Now, normally I convert to a template, composition, etc for my shop or to share… such is the case with yesterday's Composition 07.  Thank goodness my awesome CT Nicky caught it!… but not before I gave to you here.  ugggg  It's an easy fix!
IMAGE>CANVAS SIZE  and set to 12" x 12" and then you can place your background paper in with no issues.  BUT, if you would like the easy button, here is the fixed file.   I will leave this up for today also so all can download again if you like.  

SORRY!  And thank you Nicky for catching my momentary lapse of reason. lol 
Now back to your regularly scheduled freebie. ;) 

I've been playing in my mixed media again, can you tell? lol This week I've been working a new kit Beautiful Mess 03 and although I am not normally a gold or yellow type of gal, I found myself very attracted to this color scheme and saw visions of collages, brushwork, torn papers and of course lots of stitching, so I set right to work creating!  I hope to have it ready for the shop next week!

WANT TO WIN THIS ENTIRE NEW KIT?  Just leave me a comment below on anything you'd like to see in future digi kits.  I work closely with several awesome designers and will make sure they get the list. :D

Also playing around with some inks on a small art quilt I doodled last week by the pool.  Miss Bailey and I were curled up on the couch last night testing some new colors of our Inktense blocks we received this week. I am loving the new greens and blues we got! Hope to post some pictures soon to share.

So here's today's freebie and little gift for you.  Hope you like!
This is a little sampling of what's to come in the new kit Beautiful Mess 03.  Remember, each day's freebie is only up for 24 hours.

Sorry these freebies are no longer available. Make sure you check my store to purchase if you would like them.

Here is a list of all the wonderful Designers participating this week for our Christmas in July Blog Train!
Make sure you check back each day for a new freebie.  And be sure you leave a little love for each of them you download!  These girls work hard to bring you these gifts!


  1. DebbieTheBee said...:

    Thank you C - the butterfly is gorgeous

  1. Kim said...:

    Thank you :)

  1. Anonymous said...:

    Thank you so much for sharing your talents.
    I would love to see a kit that features things a woman might choose to do to relax. Scrapbook, knit, sew, read, journal, listen to music, travel... We are all so hectic with our lives anymore that we have forgotten how to relax and decompress. In the old days women used to travel and visit more. They had the same amount of time as we have but they had a secret.... they made the effort to go visit and they took their handwork with them. They would take their embroidery, darning, knitting anything that could be packed along easily and done while visiting. We are losing so many things, How many people do you know that tat these days? I have taught myself how to tat and it is fabulous for relaxing. Thanks again!

  1. Cilenia said...:

    OH I sooooo agree! It's why I quilt and do my art journaling! Luv the suggestion! Thank you

  1. flowersgal said...:

    This is lovely and I really like the colors. For the future -- anything that gives lots of room for journaling. I agree with anonymous on the many things that women might do for relaxation especially the reading/books/journaling/travel/photography ideas. And, I'd love some simple fasteners/clips -- basic ones that could be used over and over as I'm not fond of ornamentation, glitter or sparkles.


  1. So pretty!! LOVE it! Thank you so much for sharing.:)

  1. glonet said...:

    Love these colors. For future - heritage type kits would be much appreciated - especially with journal features.

  1. senovia said...:

    Thanks for the freebie, Cilenia.
    *Hugs* about the template. :)
    I can't think of a specific kit I'd love, but I know where to find you if I do. ;)

  1. Anonymous said...:

    Beautiful papers - thank you!

  1. I just LOVE the butterfly and would love to see more things like it in the future. Thank you!

  1. Anonymous said...:

    Thanks for the freebie today, CC, and the freebie fix for yesterday! LOL! I'd love a pond kit with orange dragonflies like I get in mine! Bright orange and burnt orange, plus little blue ones, and some damselflies. Is that specific enough for you?? chkl ;)

    <3 iDebbie

  1. Ann said...:

    Yellow is my favorite color. Thanks for the beautiful kit! I would love to see a kit with a couple more of your fantastic templates plus. I'd also like to see a kit with ribbons that have a different texture, not satin, or grossgrain, but something natural that would be more appropriate for boys and men. Thanks!

  1. Robin said...:

    Thank you.

  1. Joyce said...:

    Thanks so much for sharing!

  1. Marlie said...:

    LOL! I opened the template and played a little and didn't notice the difference. As a habit I open a new blank file 12 x 12 before I open anything else. I guess it just re sized for the background! I love the papers in this kit, they have an ancient world feel. Really elegant.

  1. marcie said...:

    Thanks!! You know I love that stitched butterfly. :-)

  1. Tamara said...:

    Thanks for the freebie, Cilenia! The butterfly stitch is also what impressed me most about it. Very cool! I'd like to see more of that, actually (stitched designs). I also am ISO really basic stitched grids, though I'll probably end up just putting some together with stitches I already have (yours included!). Finally, looking ahead to next month and school starting and first day of school pic LOs: your school kit last year was phenomenol. I'd love to see some more pieces, incl open spiral journal type pads whose top page are actually a mask that I can clip my own (notebook or artsy) paper to for journaling. I'd *love* something like that!

    -Tamara / guayamama

  1. Scarlet 357 said...:

    I posted on Day 1,2, or 3, but I can't find it in the comments on any of those days. Was it approved for posting? I'll just ask again here...

    Can you please start making png layers for your templates? My program can't open psd/tiff files, but I have wanted to use your products several times. There are a lot of potential customers out in digiland that can only open pngs files that would love to be able to use your goddies. Please! Pwease! tee hee

  1. I finally got on board the blog train and wow am I sorry for what I have missed! Thanks so much for sharing with us and I'm looking forward to collecting the rest :)

    Many Blessings! Deborah

  1. Oh, I forgot to say that I love Orange (haha) and bees and sunflowers, and would love it if you could add these to your list! I am a newbie and your fix for yesterday is a BIG help bc I would have no way to figure that out at this point, I am still having trouble getting a second layer going without my first layer disappearing and going invisible!! grrrr I love the yellows and stitching you did on this, it turned out great for something you didn't think you would like LOL!

    More blessings! Deborah

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