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Friday, June 10, 2011
Thought I'd do a little sharing today cause I'm so happy my ponies are happy!

Some know, some don't, but I have 2 salt water tanks.
My baby female seahorse has not been well and refused to eat for 3 days.  After exhausting everything I could do including hand feeding, I took her into my local fish store for help.  They decided it was best if they kept her and treated her as they were not sure what was wrong either.  We suspect she got too close to the anemone and was stung. But, they did give me another female to bring home so the other baby wouldn't get lonely. They were all from the same breeder so I think it was like a reunion. Hopefully they can help out the other female.

Here's the release of my newest member. She's only about and inch an half long. 
Released, she heads for the sea grass.
She appears to be looking for something.
They find each other and curl their tales around each others body.
I think it's love at first site! 
And just for fun, here is one of the the larger ponies. She is about 4" in length. Her mate is there in the background on the left.  She's looking in the shell feeding trough I have set up a few inches above the bottom to train them where to get their food so all the other Scooter Blenny fish and the Blue Mandarin don't eat it all first.  She learned fast!  Took only one time putting the food down the tube so they could see it coming and she seems to know now that this is where it comes. :)  
Learning to sit at the shell table for her food.
They are all happy now and eating well. :)   They are all together as I type with their tails curled around the sea grass in a group.  A happy little family again…. but then again, the male baby, who I have to come up with a name yet… just started playing in the bubbles again.  He rides up… swims around and right back into it. LOL  He is a very happy little horse right now.  Reminds me of Miss Bailey and the big slide!  Rides down and then right back in line to do it again. :) 


  1. farabee said...:

    Well, I never! Most interesting blog post i've read today. Never thought a sea horse would have a personality! You're the best, CC

  1. Anonymous said...:

    I dreamed of taking care of sea ponies the othen night lol! Must have read this right before going to bed :)

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