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Thursday, April 21, 2011

I've recently had several requests for how information on how to use overlays on your pages.  Veevs aka Honey Scraps here creates awesome overlays that most are personal and commercial use so I'm going to use one of her newest today Easter Scuffy Overlays to show you some options.

First I just opened a blue paper I have and dragged in one of her overlays. That's it!

Or you could change the Overlay layer to an Overlay or Soft Light Blending mode in your layers panel.
OR you can change the color of the overlay using your Fill command with your foreground color.
EDIT>FILL  or Command/Control F5
Make sure your "Preserve Transparency" is checked.

Here I used a white and didn't change the blending mode. So nice and soft now.

And of course there are many other options too!
Try putting a bevel and embossing on your overlay to give your paper depth.  Oh I can see this even being a note card for embellishing on a page by cropping to a nice size or clipping to a note paper you already have too.

Try also putting an inner shadow using your Layer's Panel Fx. It almost gives an effect like the paper is cut out and worn where the overlay is and blends into the background like the white is etched off your card stock paper.   
Try different blending and Fx options for an endless list of different looks from a single overlay.

And lay them over an already artsy or pretty paper instead of solid colors too

Then of course, if you like to play and get really artsy you can add a new layer above the Overlay.  Clip it to the overlay layer and paint colors to create a multi colored overlay. :)  Or just find a pretty paper in your stash and clip it to the overlay layer.
Here's one using my Color Wash background from my Beautiful Mess Template

These are just a few ways to use overlays.  Have more ideas?  Share with us!
And be sure to check the shop today and tomorrow for a little freebie using this overlay. :)


  1. senovia said...:

    Awesome tutorial! Makes me want to play!

  1. Veevs said...:

    Thanks so much for a fantastic tutorial using one of my overlays - as you say they are so versatile and you can do what you want with them!

  1. CraftCrave said...:

    Just a quick note to let you know that a link to this post will be placed on CraftCrave today [22 Apr 01:00am GMT]. Thanks, Maria

  1. marcie said...:

    Great tutorial. The best way to learn blend modes is to play around and have fun. Remember you can scroll through the blend modes using the shift + keyboard shortcut. You can read more about that in the 04/11/11 Manic Monday Photoshop Tips post here...

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