Manic Monday Photoshop Tips: Scrubber Controls

Monday, December 13, 2010
Manic Monday Photoshop Tips: Scrubber Controls

Have you ever used the scrubber control in Photoshop? What? You don’t know what a scrubber control is? Well, let me tell you about this awesome option that is hidden in many tools throughout Photoshop. To find out if the tool you want to use has the scrubber control just hover over the tool name and you will see a little hand image like the one below. 

To use the scrubber control click on the tool name and slide your mouse or pen left and right. You will see the little hand image as you adjust the tool settings. As an added benefit you can also use the Shift key to make the scrubber jump more quickly to larger or smaller numbers and the Alt key to slow it down and change just one number at a time.
Here are just a few of the tools that use the scrubber controls:
  • Layers palette--fill and opacity
  • Various tools--feather option
  • Magic wand tool--tolerance
  • Crop tool--width, height, resolution
  • Brush tool--opacity and flow

That’s it for today but I’ll see you back here next Monday with another Photoshop Tip.


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