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Thursday, December 16, 2010
This may be the last of our posts for our Follow Me - ABC book series, but don't worry... by overwhelming requests, we are working on some new series for 2011 and even our little Kara is going to lead a series in the new year.

These, along with many many other new things and changes, are coming to help you get inspired and spark your creativity for art and scrapbooking!  

For now, let's enjoy our last ABC inspirations, and then I encourage you to dig in and enjoy our second half of December with focus on family and the holidays! I know that will be my personal focus as this year draws to an end.  Well… that and cooking up some goodies for January in my wee hours of quiet time I get. ;)

So what has our awesome team created for some inspirations for our pages this week?

Kathleen has been on a roll with this book!  I think she even ordered hers to be printed already!  KUDOS Kathleen!
She used X within her title word "explore" and just LUV how she did it.  See… and you thought all your words had to begin with the letter!  Nope, this worked beautifully!  Just might have to "borrow" her idea! ;)

Y is for YIKES!
Yikes is right!  And just love the playing with the brushes here on the paper giving this page a watery feel that works just perfect with the story!  Another great page Kathleen!

Z for Zoologico from Tamara.  How FUN!  Little play from the norm of the word Zoo.  So cute how she has the scene in front of her layout and really gives you a different feel to her page!  Wonderful job Tamara!

So what are some other ideas for these three difficult letters?
Playing off the idea of not using X as the first letter… eXcite, eXcitable, eXact, hmmm "Art, is NOT and eXact science!",  eXclaim, eXclamation!, X marks the spot, eXit (for a quick getaway maybe?), 
 Kara, studying hard on her algebra right now, says "The first unknown quantity in an equation… or better yet, my boyfriend lately."  LOL  Yes sweetie, they can be hard at times to figure out. ;)
Then there's the eXam!  Study hard girl!  Don't loose that A now!

Y is for?  Yackety-yack!  Oh that's for Kara again on her cell phone! ;)  or yadda yadda yadda!  Yapping maybe? 
Do you enjoy boating? on a Yacht maybe?  How about a Yahoo group (waving at the sisters)!  Youngest, a page about your youngest child or maybe you are the youngest in your family? 
Here's a good one… Year End! or a Yearly goal journaled about.  Maybe your favorite color is Yellow. Or a page about Yesterdays, days gone by or how much has changed?   Then of course we and You, You and I.  And don't leave out possible phrases for ideas ether.   You and who's army will get me to do that? You know whats and You know somethings or You know Who. 

Z is for?  Zigzagging… kind of walking through a teens room huh?  I PREFER to think of sewing, but reality sets in. lol  How about the Zany things we do?  Or the Zappy music we listen to or how our little one behaves?  Or what a Zealous attitude they have for life and play? 
Some others sparks might be Zero, Zest, Zooms, and Zoned Out!

Hope we gave you some good ideas and inspirations today!  Be sure to check out the ABC gallery too for even more inspirations! And be sure to share yours!  Love seeing them all.
Off to work on my pages now!


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