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Monday, November 01, 2010
Good Morning, Marcie here posting on the DDS blog with a new weekly blog feature... Manic Monday PSE/PS Tips. Each Monday we’ll feature a quick tip to help you work more efficiently in PSE/PS. My first tip for you is to learn the keyboard short cuts. Keyboard shortcuts allow you to keep your hands on the keyboard so that you aren’t constantly going back and forth between the mouse and the keyboard and therefore you work more efficiently.

My favorite and most used keyboard short cut is control +Z (command + z on a Mac) which will undo your last step. Use control alt z to undo more than one step. By the way, control z will work in a variety of programs including Microsoft Word. 

Smashing Magazine has a cool keyboard shortcut cheat sheet for the full version of Photoshop.
Dummies has keyboard shortcuts for most versions of Photoshop Elements.

So what’s your favorite keyboard shortcut?

See you back here next Monday!


  1. senovia said...:

    I use these the most:
    cmd+0 (full screen)
    cmd++ (zoom in)
    cmd+- (zoom out)
    cmd+o (open)

    (change cmd's to ctrl's for PCs)
    Thanks for the links, Marcie!

  1. Cilenia said...:

    Wow, I love so many it would be hard to pick a favorite!
    I use all the Photoshop shortcuts all the time, but I use so many while using my other tools too!
    B = Brush
    But, I use my bracket keys for sizing the brush up and down,
    I also click the alt key while in the brush tool to pic a color from my canvas on the fly.
    And I use alt-ctrl-shft and slide left or right with my house to change the size, and cmd-alt-ctrl to change my hardness or softness of my brush. :) My left hand rarely leaves my keyboard, and my right hand rarely leaves my mouse or pen. So much faster workflow with the keyboards!

    Thanks for the link ups Marcie! Need to get a few more in my habits.

  1. Stacia said...:

    My most used are:

    V = move tool
    K = paint bucket
    B = brush tool

    control + + and - to zoom in and out
    the bracket keys to make brushes increase and decrease

    I'm definitely printing one out and trying to learn some more. Thanks!

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