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Wednesday, November 03, 2010
Hope everyone had a Happy Halloween!  We of course filled out day mostly with Bailey's Birthday Celebration.  We carved pumpkins, made homemade pizza, (try that with 7 small children!), banged around a Pinata that didn't want to break, filled the driveway with 3D chalk drawings (you gotta try that! Way kewl!), made goggly eyes from eggs (no comments Dar!), and of course had delicious Hallow's Eve/Birthday cupcake cake.  We gave out FIVE huge bags of Candy to all our visitors and then collapsed! LOL
Here's a little peek at a grid I thew together real quick just to share a few of the hundred snapshots of our day.

So this week we are working on our L and M pages. 
 Of course Kara already did her L page for Live Love Laugh, and she used the Words Template we created just for her page along with Summer's Edge Papers, and Art Box 1 brushes.  This is her favorite quote and we ended up resizing this to a poster size too for her bedroom wall. Love the way she took the L in Live and made it into a heart when we were making this.

Here's one from Lynnea!  She got creative with the ABC Monograms and made them into a name and "hooked" a little tag right onto the swirl element found in the ABC kit.  Lynnea used the ABC Artsy Papers, Alpha and ABC Elements Kit to create her page.

And Nicky made a two page spread for M.  M is for Mom!  Just love the whole idea and especially her journaling from the heart!  She used the ABC 8x8 template and Monograms along with School Days Bundle 2 Solid papers, Basic Sets 1 Papers and a distress brush from Nancy Rowe Janitz. 

So what are some other L and M word ideas?
How about Labor? Labor of love, labor of birth…
Lace, like my great-grandmother used to make huge bedspreads like and small tiny doilies. 
Ladies' Man, Ladies' Night, Lady Luck,  Liberal Arts, Literature (read any good ones this year?).
Or Library, Liberty, 

And your first words doesn't have to begin with your letter, can be a word in the middle, enlarged or made a different font to stand out too.
Live your life your way", Unconditional Love,  or Life Cycles, Life-Giving, Life forms, Soul mates as Life peers.   Learning, lifetime, lifestyles, Blessed Life… so many good words I could jump from for a page!

And of course places too like London, LA, Liberty Island, Statue of Liberty, Lighthouse, Light bulb (maybe for a great idea you had).

Ok, M… Mmmmm  that says it all after all the Halloween candy around here! LOL REFRAIN! ;)

Seriously, how about macaroni,  mechanics, munching, Malibu, Mid-Evil if you're into Renaissance fairs like we are,  mad, or Mad Money for our little shopping sprees, Magazines, (listing all your favorites), Mag Wheels for the boys toys, Magic (do you have a little magician in your house?) or the Magic Moments of everyday life! Magic Markers for the artist in you, Magnetic, Magyar for our Hungarian friends or family heritage.  MAIL, can be eMail, mail order, how full your mailbox is… Micky Mouse, no further explanation needed ;)   Miles, are you a runner or did a Marathon?  Military Life, Million, Mind blowing experience, mocha coffee or chocolate, Moon, and Mojo!  So many choices!

Hope we inspired you with some different words you can use today and don't forget to show us what you come up with in the ABC Gallery.  

And did you know?!?  I will be printing one special book from our posts in there drawn randomly in any size of your choice when we are all done.  So get your posts in and tell your friends!  The more LOs you post, the more chances to win!
And hook us up here in the comments with a link to your page too!  Luv seeing all the wonderful pages everyone is doing!  They are SO inspirational!

Till next time!  


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