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Wednesday, October 27, 2010
Today we have a treat from 2 of our CTs who have made J & K pages for us today.
First is Tamara who has taken on the challenge of creating her entire ABC Album in Spanish!  Dying to see what she comes up with for K as I can't think of a single spanish word beginning in K… but I don't speak Spanish so I'm not much help LOL
Her J page is Jardin Japones which if I remember correctly means Japanese Garden? Yes Tamara?
Either way, it's a wonderful page of what looks like a fun family outing.

Have you noticed Tamara likes to mix up her kits? :)

And Lynne made this really cute page of J is for Jack which I believe is her Grandson.  How adorable!  

And she even got her K page done!  K is for Kiss!  Really cute!

So what are some other words for J and K?
Journey - Journey of the heart, a vacation, a day out somewhere special like Tamara's Japanese Gardens?
How about Jack Frost?!?  I know some of world is feeling him a little early this year including me!  49 degrees in my desert yesterday!  Brrrr!
And for any of you Vegas lovers, Jackpot!  NOT that I've ever hit one… did win a holdem poker game once. :)
Jag as in the Airforce.  Jaded, well, I'm not that lately, but have been jaded before and could write a book about it.  JEDI - Stacy I know you're reading!  LOL
Jeep, I have two of those!  Jeepers Creepers look at those peepers! For someone's beautiful eyes!  ok, my grandmother did stick with me in that song. LOL  Jellyfish, Jellyroll, Jammie… what I'd give for a warm pair of them right about now!

ok, K Hmmm
Knowlege - maybe your gained knowledge about a subject, learn something new lately?
Kindness - A random act or how someone's kindness gave you the warm fuzzies!   (Yea, still thinking about those Jammies here!)
Kaboodle, Kaboom, Kibbish - Do you have a game night with any of these games?
Kangaroos for all our Aussi friends!  Or Karat… did you get one?  Hoping to get one? ;)
Karma, Karmic, another book in the making for me LOL  I LIVE by Karmic rules!
Kazillions!  About how many marbles Bailey dumbed on my floor last week.
kbyte for all my geek friends ;)  or KB or Kbps too!
Keeper… Do you have one?  and that word can go on and on… keep house, keep mum, keep your chin up, keeping one's kewl! LOL

Hopefully we've sparked an idea for you.  Be sure to check out the ABC Gallery for even more and be sure to share yours.  It's always fun to browse in there an be so inspired by so many creative people!

Till next time, Cilenia Time to get my inspiration on and get my pages done too!


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