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Wednesday, October 13, 2010
Where are the days going?  They are just zipping by lately.  I have another muse for you for your ABC book.  Hope you have found the time to work on some of these.  I know I am way behind, but am determined to catch up!  I did work on a little word art for my F page… or maybe it should be for my J page!  Not sure, will have to decide when I gather my photos. LOL Either way, thought I'd share it with you today.   I left it all black so you could recolor easily if you'd like.  The font used for the large words is Justus.  The smaller words are hand drawn.   You can download it HERE.
So what did I focus on this weekend?  Well, one thing we did was we got a little crafty with some glow in the dark hot glue.  I drew up some spider webs and a ghost and then laid a plastic sheet over the top of it.  Then we just traced over using our mini hot glue gun.  Then you let cool, peel off the plastic and simply stick to any glass like windows, pictures, curio cabinet… anything!  I wish I could have taken a picture of when we turned the lights out!  This was SO kewl!  Then we hung cheese cloth and cut out more bats and spiders to decorate our front room  up to the loft.  Fun times!
And by the way, these bats, mice and spiders with webs will be in a new release this upcoming Friday!  You can print your own decorations and trace or use for your scrapbooking too!  Watch for Halloween 10.  Sneak Peek is in our forum here. 
Here's a little glimpse of our adventure in decorating from Saturday.  Not done with the page, but the pics are there. :)

Spending time with the girls and enjoying the cooler temperatures outside and having more craft time inside.  I miss so much having all my kids around for projects so this was just the ticket I needed. We didn't FOCUS so much on our goal as we did in the activity getting there.  The time spent together was just pure joy!  Which made me think of this quote in my Scrap Companion.  

So onto some more words for your F and G pages.

Focus - You know mine now :)  But the word focus could be also for a task or goal you've been focusing on.  Maybe your focus has been somewhere else and needs to re-focus back where it's needed.

Forever - Could be unconditional love, how time seemed to stop forever, or how long it seemed to take to real a final goal.

Friends - This is an easy one.  Friends of a life time, best friends,   true friends, friendship that never ends.  Could be for yourself, your child, your pet!

Giggles - I could do pages and pages with this word!  Giggle-Laugh-Smiles  Tickle monsters make you giggle.  Something that makes you giggle when you think of it.  Or even just a film strip of a child giggling and the joy it brings just to see.

Gratitudes - Easily could be a page of what you are grateful for right now, at this time, today.  Thanksgiving is approaching, maybe think back over the past year of gratitudes and layout strips of pictures with a word strip on each of that gratitude.  Maybe it's just the daily gratitudes you'd like to scrap?  That smell of fresh morning coffee, the cooler days of fall, the daily thoughtful deed that someone does for you.  

Share your F and G words with us here!  We all find inspiration in sharing our ideas, pictures and thoughts and I'd love to hear or see yours!  
Till next week! Cilenia


  1. MouserMo said...:

    Thank you for your freebies. Link on your post was added to PickleMouse freebie list

  1. Sheri said...:

    Thanks for sharing this. It's one of my favorite ways to think!

  1. Tammy said...:

    Th♥nks so much for sharing your time and talents!

  1. Kathleen said...:

    Thank you Cilenia!

  1. debiMac said...:

    Thank you, CC! Love this quote! Thank you too for today's Halloween freebie at your shop! :)


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