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Wednesday, October 20, 2010
Yes it's time for two more letters!  I did get my H pages done for Bailey's ABC book! Woot woot! :)

So H - I used Hide for Hide and Seek.  Mainly because that's what my little Miss Bailey did ALL the time as a toddler… some scary moments mind you… didn't EVEN grab the camera when she hid in the frig on us once!  No sooner than we'd take our eyes off her and then the silence would hit… then we knew… time to find Bailey!  And she would be quiet as a mouse too… not a peep until we would open where ever she was.

So here's my pages for her that I'd like to share.  I used my Inspired kit in case you are wondering.

Some other ideas for H
Hope - Maybe a dream, a wish.. a feeling of trust.  Hope for the best, Hope against hope.
Halloween is coming up too… so of course that word needs to be included here.
Habitat - I used to do construction for for Habitat for Humanity but could be your own Home, abode, habitat too.
Habits - Good ones, bad ones, ones we want to make or break.
How about a Hair raising experience?
Hmmm hair… Hairstyles!  Oh my, but could do a page about all the different Hairstyles we have done through our lives LOL  No mom, I will NOT show in public that pixie or boufant cut you made me have! LOL

Ok ideas for I
  Innocent - Like a child, a new baby, simple or naive innocence.   Innocent and pure at heart.
I spy… could be of a pic you caught someone doing something or caught something funny in a photo that shouldn't have been there.
I-Pod, I-Phone… iDebbie!  LOL  Had to do it Deb!  Anything Apple is good here. ;)
Ice cream - I have a GOOD one of Bailey eating her first ice cream… all over her face of course!
Icing - Maybe a page about making cake?  Or something that was as they say "It was Icing on the cake!" for something really really good that happened.
how about Idiot box?  Yep have one of those…  it's our television in case someone didn't catch that.  It's what I do when totally bored… which isn't too  often, but when my show is on, look out! LOL
IF, if only, if you got it… flaunt it.
Illustrator - Are you talking a class or maybe mastered the program? Scrap about it, show you progressive work… you earned it!

ok, enough for now… I need to go and figure out my I word for Bailey and myself.  Kara's was easy for her as she truly IS naive and innocent when it comes to most things.

Ciao for now and make sure to show us your creations!


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