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Sunday, September 19, 2010
Hi and welcome to our ABC Follow me series!
Forgive me for being late today, I seemed to have lost what day of the week it was!  Thank you Jody for nudging me and reminding me!  yikes!  That is so bad of me!
First Here is the full Alpha of Monograms as your gift from us for following along!   Alpha Monograms
So today is for the letter A and here’s some good words with a little inspirational muses that hopefully will inspire you to create your own page.
Adapt - Think of things maybe you or your family had to adjust to.  Either a different home, new member to the family.  Or maybe a new job or career?
Alive - Scrap something that makes you feel alive!  Is it smiling children?  An activity like skiing, riding a bike or the beauty of sunsets or sunrises.  
Appreciate - This is an easy one.  Scrap something maybe from your everyday life that you appreciate is there.  Or a special person who has gone out of their way for you.  Something you recognize for it’s worth... even the smallest things.
Adorable -  This could be a long list and really needs no explanation.  Children, babies, new puppy or kitten.  Adorable words said by children.  Or how children interact with their elders in an adorable way.
Accomplishment - Think of something that was worked on to achieve and was a big accomplishment.  If you want to journal, you can add the steps to reach that goal.  Or it could be as simple as a child’s accomplishment of walking, or the mountain of daily tasks we accomplish.
Artful - Scrap a child’s art, a craft by a family member that shows the artist in them.
Amour - Ah Love!  Always a good word.  Love for our spouses, our children our parents, a favorite food, drink.  Lot’s of possibilities!
And here’s some inspirations from our team members too.  Be sure to share yours in our ABC Gallery and we will have some prizes at the end for all who have posted.  And feel free to add even more words or inspirations here or in our forum HERE.  I listed a bunch of words for each letter to help get the mojo going and thinking about photos and ideas. 
We also have a teen ABC book idea with Kara, our teen artist in the works, with some really great teen words!
My 16 year old daughter is doing this with us!
Kara’s Teen ABC book
(subject to change depending on the mood of the teenager) LOL
Her A word is “All That”.  Something that comes from her mouth all the time!  Everything is “All that and a box of crayons”, or “All That and extra taxes”.  Don’t ask me, it’s a teen thing! LOL   You can find her whole list here in our forum. 

And if you're looking for a fun cute artsy kit to use for your teen daughter, we have a nice freebie for you this week too that was created for a DSA contest!  

And don't forget the whole ABC Series Collection is on sale for 30% off and you can use your coupon you received in the newsletter last Friday for an additional 30% off that in our shop!  Exclusive to our Newsletter Subscribers only! You can sign up if you're not already on the front home page
Till next time! 


  1. Kamá said...:

    Cute, thank you so much.

  1. MouserMo said...:

    Thank you for your freebies. Link on your post was added to PickleMouse freebie list

  1. Tami said...:

    This is so gorgeous. Th♥nk you so much for it with us.

  1. Kathleen said...:

    Thank you Cilenia for the alphas. I love them! Now to just find time to play along.

  1. Barb said...:

    Thank you for sharing your beautiful talents

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